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NFL Rumors: Mike Wallace or Dwayne Bowe to Patriots?

Tom Brady in 2007:  117.2 QB rating, 68.9 completion percentage, 50 TD, 8 INT

Average season since: 99 QB rating, 64.7 completion percentage, 34 TD, 9 INT

The difference? Randy Moss (aka a deep threat).

In 2007, Tom Brady had his first legitimate down field weapon of his career and posted the best statistical season for a quarterback in history.  Since then, despite putting up gaudy numbers year in and year out, Brady and the Patriots have been lacking in the area of the deep ball.

At this point, if the Patriots want to return to another Super Bowl, they may NEED to find Brady another deep threat instead of keeping Wes Welker. Not that Welker hasn’t been a great receiver for Brady over the past couple years, but with Gronkowski, Hernandez, Edelman, and a plethora of RB, the Patriots already posses weapons that will occupy the middle of the field on a regular basis. 

The Patriots need someone who can stretch the field.

Plus, as the Patriots continue to lack any resemblance of their once dominant defense, it’s becoming painfully clear that they will be relying heavily on their offense; an offense that was shut down by Baltimore, because Baltimore was able to control the middle of the field, where all of Brady’s current weapons are at their best.

Mike Wallace, and Dwayne Bowe both seem to fit exactly what the Patriots need at the Receiver position.  They both average over 13 yards a catch and would be able to bring more attention to the outside of the field and open up opportunities for the Patriots TE duo in the middle of the field.

They would both bring a facet to Patriots offense has been lacking since 2009.

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