NFL Rumors: Jon Gruden to the Dallas Cowboys?


After a terrible midseason run during which they lost four of five games, the Dallas Cowboys have rebounded slightly. This weekend’s 20-19 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals (on the road, no less) gave the Cowboys their fourth win in their last five games, and firmly cemented them as legitimate playoff contenders.

As it stands, Dallas is tied for second place in the NFC East with the Washington Redskins (who own the tiebreaker) and sits behind the first place New York Giants.

Before this recent run, it appeared as though Dallas was doomed to miss the postseason and that a coaching change was imminent. Now, given what has transpired over the last month, that seems a bit less certain. If the Cowboys get to the playoffs and then actually make some noise there, Jason Garrett’s job is likely secure. If they miss the playoffs and all of this past month’s efforts are proven to be for naught, then you will start hearing whispers about Garrett’s possible replacements.

One candidate whose name you may hear? ESPN Monday Night Football announcer, Jon Gruden. As noted by Peter King this week (via LBS):

I would not be at all surprised if the Cowboys have a bad final three weeks if Jerry Jones goes after Gruden hard.

Gruden has been something of trendy option for a lot of pro and college teams this year. You will recall, Tennessee tried to recruit him. Then the Oakland Raiders chatted him up. And now apparently the Cowboys are interested.

There are a lot of variables at work here. Gruden to the Cowboys will only happen if a.) the Cowboys collapse over the next three weeks, b.) he is willing to leave his cushy ESPN gig, c.) he doesn’t mind Jerry Jones towering over him, and d.) no better job comes along.

Are the odds of Gruden landing with Dallas higher than they were of him landing with Tennessee? Sure. But are they great? No, not really. 

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