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NFL Rumors: Jets Considering Trading Darrelle Revis to 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers may have missed out on their prized free agent last offseason, but don’t think that will deter them from trying to take on another great player during this year. The only difference: this time they are looking to do it via a blockbuster deal. That’s right folks, rumor has it the 49ers are very interested in acquiring Darrelle Revis. Best of all, the move would make sense. For both sides.

Rumour has it that Carlos Rogers could be cut during the off-season. The move wouldn’t be all that surprising. The 49ers don’t have an awful lot of cap space going into next year, and have some great young talent that might be able to step up. Assuming they don’t acquire Revis following this hypothetical cut.

Although he is still a solid starting cornerback, there is no denying Rogers has lost a step this season. His interceptions and passes defended are both way down. As the season went on the 49ers gave up more yards through the air. Much of the blame lies with Rogers. He is the shutdown corner on this team after all. He’s also not getting any younger at 31. It might be best they pursue other options at starting corner with his cap hit set at 7.34 million for next season.

Revis might just be the perfect fit. With the eventual release or trade of Alex Smith they could find a way to fit him in under the cap. Even with the 16 million dollar cap hit he’s trying to get. He’s just the kind of physical corner, more than capable of playing man coverage, that Harbaugh would need to replace Rogers.

As for the Jets, they get to trade Revis to a team out of conference. Not only that, but following a Super Bowl appearance, the 49ers might be more willing to part with their draft picks. They had a hard enough time getting the players from this year’s draft into the games; can’t imagine next year’s picks will fare much better. Maybe the 49ers could package A.J. Jenkins into the deal even. The Jets need help at receiver, as much as they need draft picks. The move would be great for both sides really.

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