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NFL Rumors: Fred Davis, Delanie Walker or Jared Cook to Seahawks?

The Seattle Seahawks have a great thing going with Zach Miller, but it wouldn't hurt to add a tight end just a little more proficient in the passing game. It might actually be the kind of affordable move that puts this Seahawks team over the top, depending on who they acquire. If they acquire anyone, that is.

Mind you, the Seahawks have been trying to find a compliment to Zach Miller in the passing game for quite some time. They've tried Evan Moore, John Carlson, Anthony McCoy and Kellen Winslow to little or no effect. They clearly want to use more two tight end passing formations, just lack the personnel. Maybe this is the off season where they find that last piece of the puzzle. Here are some options I think are worth a look in free agency.

TE, Fred Davis: Fred Davis is a bit of wildcard, but this is more of a positive than anything. He had a breakout campaign in 2011 with 59 receptions for 796 yards catching passes from Rex Grossman. His most recent season was a bit of a let down though. Davis struggled to find chemistry with RG3 and went on season ending IR in week 7 with an achilles injury. His failure to gel with RG3 and Washington's new look offense, along with his injury will make this stud in the passing game all the cheaper. My favorite of all the tight ends available on the market.

TE, Delanie Walker: Here is another great option. Delanie Walker is known by his current teammates in San Francisco as the 'Swiss Army Knife' and with good reason. He does it all; very well I might add. He has experience in a read option offense, is a great blocker and can play as a full back if absolutely necessary. Walker has never been the go to tight end with Vernon Davis in the picture, which might affect how highly teams think of him. This could make him relatively affordable, and worth kicking the tires on.

TE, Jared Cook: There's no denying there is serious talent with Cook. The only problem is consistency. Cook has all the potential to be a great tight end in this league, but never shows it for more than a few games at a time. He did have a 729 yard season only one year ago though, so he might be worth the investment. Would rather somebody else overpaid for Cook though.

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