NFL Rumors: DeAndre Levy, Philip Wheeler or Nick Barnett to Seahawks?

With Leroy Hill's recent arrest making it all but guaranteed he won't return with the Seahawks next season, the question is now is, who will take his place? I expect his replacement will come in the draft, but assuming it doesn't the free agent options have to be looked into. Mostly because it's fun. The speculation continues here at The Hawks Nest. Enjoy our linebackers to watch out for in free agency.

OLB, DeAndre Levy: This young up and coming linebacker would be a great fit in Seattle. He finished third on Detroit with 81 tackles and a career high 9 stuffs. He has all the tools to be a great 4-3 linebacker and would have no problem adjusting to Seattle's system. He is also great in pass coverage. My favorite of all the free agent options.

OLB, Philip Wheeler: Not buying the hype on Wheeler. Sure, he did lead the Oakland Raiders with 109 tackles last season but his finish wasn't as strong as his start. It was also his fifth season in the NFL, and he's just starting to look like a starter. Word on the street is the Raiders will try to bring him back for next season, but if not I'd rather some other team over pay for him.

LB, Nick Barnett: Things didn't go as well for Barnett in his second year with the Bills, but don't let his release fool you. There is still some good football left in Barnett. He is only one year removed from the best season of his career. His combination of size and athleticism, along with great tackling in the open field make him an ideal candidate to replace Leroy Hill. His age means he would be willing to sign a short term contract too. Wouldn't mind Barnett, and his experience as a Super Bowl winner and leader coming to town.

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