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NFL Rumors: Could Titans' Jared Cook Get Traded to the Falcons?

Is it time for the Atlanta Falcons to make a splash in the trade market? The trade deadline has been pushed for another couple days due to Sandy. This would give another few days for Atlanta to make a splash.

Is trading while undefeated a good idea? I say, absolutely. Rumor around the NFL is that Jared Cook,the disgruntled athletic  tight end of the Tennessee Titans has requested a trade. Cook is a vertical threat and could greatly benefit learning from Tony G.

Obviously, the Falcons are going to be either A) sign a free agent tight end in the offseason or B) draft a tight end this year. Why not propose a trade that would bring a talented young player to Atlanta? Well, TD and company will most certainly look at trading for Cook… that is, if the price is right!

Would you want to see Atlanta add another explosive weapon and potential franchise tight end in future years? TD and Mr. Blank, the ball is in your court.

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