NFL Rumors: Chiefs, Jaguars, Packers, Bengals or Bucs to Trade for Browns' Colt McCoy?

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News broke over the weekend that the Browns have reduced their asking price on Colt McCoy. I realize that he got a raw deal in Cleveland. They never gave him any real offensive help. That being said, he still had the second worst average for yards per pass attempt. His 5.9 yards per attempt was only kept out of the cellar by Blaine Gabbert’s 5.4. He was also 26th in completion percentage at 57.2% and 25th in yards per game at 210.

It’s hard to find decent quarterback depth in the NFL. Some team will be willing to part with a pick or player of minimal value and they should. There are several teams that would have some interest in seeing what Colt could do with a decent backfield and some receiving targets.

The ideal situation would have him join an offense that has a couple of solid underneath route runners that have the potential to turn and run. Any offense that thrives of deep vertical attacks wouldn’t be a good fit. He should be looked at as competition for a backup role that a team could hopefully develop into a Billy Volek type of player. What I mean is a backup that could step in and keep a team afloat if the starter was going to be lost for several weeks.

I definitely think McCoy has a role in the NFL, but I just found it humorous that the Browns came out and said that they were reducing their asking price. No matter what teams hope Colt may mature into, they are only going to be willing to bid off of the on-field performances to date. You wouldn’t pay top dollar for a Mercedes sitting on four flats with an engine that only allows you to move 5.9 yards at a time. Even if the owner told you that you could put new tires on it and get the engine conditioned to run at a more suitable rate. So, when I heard that the Browns reduced their asking price, for some reason I immediately pictured Mike Holmgren sitting in front of a computer and listing McCoy on eBay, to entice the other 31 NFL teams. Then I envisioned him reducing the reserve to something minuscule. It got me to thinking. There are several teams that should show some interest in Colt’s services, but they shouldn’t have to go further than their piggy bank. I wondered what teams would be interested and what would they trade or even barter. This is what I came up with, based off of his performances to date;

1. Kansas City Chiefs - K.C. has a team on the rise. Their biggest weakness is at the most important position. Matt Cassel has proved that he can win in this league, but after coming off an injury, I wouldn’t be comfortable with Brady Quinn and Ricky Stanzi as the backups. I discussed Colt’s 5.9 yards per attempt being the second worse in the NFL. Cassel wasn’t much better last season, with a tie for the 5th worst at 6.4. He also only completed 59% of his passes for an average of 190 yards a game. McCoy can come in and compete for the backup role and if asked to play, he will have two quality tight ends to throw to in Tony Moeaki and Kevin Boss. He’s also familiar with Peyton Hillis and Jamaal Charles. Those backs, along with Cyrus Gray and the two tight ends would mesh perfectly with McCoy’s style of play. This is the best fit for Colt, but now it’s time to see what the Chiefs are willing to offer.

  • Chiefs eBay Trade Offer:A famous KC Bar-B-Q plate after it’s been picked through by Dontari Poe, Glenn Dorsey, and Tyson Jackson.

2.  Jacksonville Jaguars – Might as well go to the only place that there is a quarterback that performed worse than himself. Unless Blaine Gabbert has joined the Illuminati and they have forced the rest of the NFL to count to 10 Mississippi before rushing Gabbert, he won’t be better in 2012. Even if Chad Henne is named the starter, the team will need Colt to compete for the backup role. If Gabbert doesn’t get better and the team replaces him with Henne as the starter, the Jags would only be one injury away from Gabbert or Jordan Palmer stepping into the starting role. Colt would love playing with Maurice Jones-Drew and Rashad Jennings, assuming MJD hashes out all of his contract issues. Laurent Robinson and Justin Blackmon are perfect receivers for Colt’s game. Blackmon has the ability to take any 5-10 yard slant to the house. Robinson can cater his game to the strength of the offense / quarterback.

3.  Green Bay Packers: The Packers made Matt Flynn look like a premier free agent to the fans. He’s got similar measurables to Colt. McCoy wouldn’t ever see the field unless there was an injury to Rodgers. The Packers are becoming known for grooming and developing quarterbacks. He’ll have plenty of receiving targets to throw to and won’t ever have to force anything. The concerns would be if he could exploit the defenses on the backside like Rodgers and Flynn did so well.

  • Packers eBay Trade Offer: Swiss cheese flavored, edible thong that reads Packer Backer.

4.  Cincinnati Bengals: “Reunited and it feels so good” will be playing softly in the background as Colt and Jordan Shipley’s eyes meet from across the locker room for the first time. Obviously, it’s Andy Dalton’s team. They also have a very suitable backup in Bruce Gradkowski. The asking price isn’t going to be much for Colt and he could develop and give Bruce Gradkowski a battle on the depth chart. Colt and Andy are very familiar with each other. They both have similar knocks, but Dalton fell into a far better situation. They would be great sounding boards for one another in the quarterback meetings. There are plenty of young weapons on the offensive side of the ball and this Bengals team is close to making something special happen this season.

  • Bengals eBay Trade Offer: They’ll allow Cleveland to pick any player out of the Cincinnati organization that hasn’t been arrested or failed a drug test….basically it leaves the janitor, one beer vendor, and a receiver that’s 9th on the depth chart.

5.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Everyone, including myself, are projecting for Josh Freeman to have a huge bounce back year in 2012. What if it never comes?  Even if Freeman gets back to his old form, the depth behind him has changed from Josh Johnson to Dan Orlovsky. No team should be comfortable with Orlovsky being one play away from taking meaningful snaps. The Bucs have the right blend of receivers and tight ends to make McCoy feel right at home in Florida. It doesn’t hurt that they have one impressive offensive line and the combination of Doug Martin and LeGarrette Blount should take the pressure off of the quarterback’s shoulder.

  • Bucs eBay Trade Offer: Aqib Talib and LeGarrette Blount will provide personal security for the Browns’ front office for one full year. Blount will punch aggressors in the face and Talib will swing helmets, shoot at them, and steal their cab fare.

Honorable eBay Offers that didn’t meet the Reserve

  1. Carolina Panthers:Autographed photo from Cam Newton that says, “I’m my own #1 fan. But here’s an autograph anyway, bitch”
  2. Atlanta Falcons: An old David Justice / Halle Berry sex tape where Billy Bob Thornton makes a cameo.
  3. Houston Texans: Case Keenum and his DNA sample to prove that they are not the same person and that they can occupy the same space without throwing off the space time continuum.
  4. Minnesota Vikings: A pre-used Whizzinator with a new pineapple scent added.
  5. San Diego Chargers: Philip Rivers motivational tape where he builds you up by screaming at you a 101 ways that you’re better than Jay Cutler.

As you can see, the Browns have a ton of valuable and intriguing offers to weigh. We may not hear a decision for some time, but with five teams willing to beat the reserve, it’s destined that he will have a new home in 2012.

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