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NFL Rumors: Chad Ochocinco Impreses During 1st Practice with Miami Dolphins?

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In case you missed it: Chad Ochocinco is with the Miami Dolphins now. In a recent interview, he told his new team’s official website that he hopes to be the Chad Johnson of old this year:

“It’s about my getting back to the basics, going back to the root of how it all started. Not as far as playing at home in Miami but as far as my game goes, and getting back to what we’re all used to seeing. You know, the basic fundamentals of how I became what I am. I think I kind of lost that, and I’m looking to go back to Chad Johnson and just make it live again.”

Ochocinco impressed in his first workout with the team Tuesday. He showed speed and signs of, well, life, according to quarterback Matt Moore.

“It’s been good,” Moore said of working with Ochocinco. “He’s come in, he’s done his work, he’s trying to learn and it’s been business as usual. He’s fast, that’s for sure. He’s quick and he’s just got that attacking mentality you love in a wide receiver. He’s got a lot of good things and hopefully we can use those things in the future.”

Also worth noting: apparently, playing with the Dolphins is a dream come true for Chad because he grew up right around there somewhere.

“It’s been a childhood dream of mine, growing up watching the Marks Brothers, watching Dan, some of those guys, throughout the years,” Ochocinco said. “Since 1988 when I’ve played Madden I’ve always played the Dolphins, no matter where I was playing. To be able to wear the teal and orange is a pretty good feeling.”

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