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NFL Report: John Elway Back with Denver Broncos

Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway led the Denver Broncos to two Super Bowl titles in the late 1990s. Now he hopes to capture more rings from a slightly different position – the front office.

According to The Associated Press, Elway is expected to join the Broncos as their chief football executive at some point this week.

Team spokesman, Patrick Smyth, despite numerous reports suggesting that the deal was all but complete, insists that the idea that the two parties have reached an agreement is premature.

The Broncos have had very limited success since Elway’s retirement in 1999 after his second consecutive NFL championship and Super Bowl MVP Award. Aside from not reaching the Super Bowl since the quarterback’s leave, they have missed the league’s playoffs for five years in a row.

When Elway does takeover, he’ll have a big rebuilding job ahead of him.

The first thing the Hall of Famer will need to do is find a replacement for oft-criticized former head coach Josh McDaniels. Struggles on the field, coupled with the team’s worst losing streak in four decades and a videotaping scandal cut the young coach’s tenure short.

According to ESPN reports, Elway will discuss the vacant head coaching position with Stanford’s Jim Harbaugh.

Rumored potential hires aside, the only known interview set up for the job is Eric Studsville who was promoted to interim coach when McDaniels was terminated.

It will be interesting to see what exactly Elway does with Denver’s struggling football franchise.

In retrospect, the organization admitted the ex-coach, McDaniels had been granted too much power too soon in his career. By making him the coach and de facto GM, the the former New England Patriots prodigy soon found himself way over his head.

Now the team must avoid making the same mistake with Elway -- whose front office experience is limited.

With the addition of Elway to the front office, the growth of quarterback Tim Tebow and nowhere to go but up – 2011 will prove to be an interesting year for the Broncos organization.


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