NFL Report: John Abraham Will Probably Hit Free Agency

John Abraham is believed to be destined to hit free agency, according to his player rep.  This is sad news, as Abe has been the star of the defense for years.  Earlier today, it was reported/guessed by Mark Bradley that Abraham is considered an aging injury risk by the Falcons front office.

To make this clear, this report only means Atlanta has a price it believes John Abraham is worth and is unwilling to budge.  He is asking for more than that number, and is therefore likely to see free agency.  There is still a chance the market is limited and he returns to Atlanta at a lower price after finding out his market value.  Of course, there is also a chance someone else will pay him much more than Atlanta.

As for replacements, it is pretty clear we do not have one outside of Lawrence Sidbury.  Potential free agent targets are Mario Williams, Robert Mathis, Cliff Avril, and Michael Bennett.  Not helping is that Cliff Avril is widely expected to be franchised, and Michael Bennett is expected to be tendered at the 2nd round level.

This is a limited free agency class outside of Mario Williams, and outside of Super Mario, there appears to be no improvements over Abraham.  Expect more news to come out within the next week surrounding Abraham's future.

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