NFL Replacement Ref Backlash: Monday Night Football Wrecked by Poor Officiating

How bad was the officiating during last night’s Monday Night Football matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos? Here are just a few noteworthy reactions:

ESPN’s Mike Tirico, who was calling the game, said at one point: “Honestly. It’s embarrassing. The command and control of this game is gone.”

Mike Pereira, former VP of officiating for the NFL: “This is not the NFL I worked for. Don’t care whose fault it is.”

And consider the lead sentence of a post that NBC-owned ProFootballTalk put up during the game: “There’s no sugar-coating it: The replacement officials working Monday Night Football are an embarrassment.”

How about a few from Sports Illustrated’s Peter King:

Lord. What a debacle.

The legitimacy of the National Football League is at stake.

Refs are totally overmatched.

Keep in mind that these are all people from well within the NFL football establishment. Millions of NFL fans are upset about the officials, but for so many people within the football establishment to turn on the NFL and the way it’s handling the referee situation, it’s really quite amazing…

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