NFL Referee Lockout Comes to an End

Our long national nightmare is over. According to multiple reports, the NFL referee lockout is over. The regular officials will reportedly take the deal Thursday night and on Sunday.

The pressure from fans and the public to end the referee lockout seems to have been so intense that NFL owners finally figured out a way to get a deal done after 48 hours of relentless flogging over their use of incompetent referees.

Fortunately, for fans around the country, the rest of the season won’t be tainted the way the first four weeks have been. Hopefully, the controversy in Seattle won’t come back to haunt the NFL come playoff time.

Most importantly, fans should not forget that NFL owners were willing to (again) disrespect them by lockout out key employees and putting out a sub-par product.

Fans should remember that NFL owners care about their bottom first and foremost. If fans are even a concern — and some owners certainly don’t care about fans — they are a low priority.

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