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NFL Rant: Seriously, Nobody Cares About Jets vs. Giants

It is being sold as if it is the National Game of the Week. But hold on one second...

They are, right now, a combined 15-13. COMBINED TWO GAMES OVER .500!

Would you know that, if you were just watching all the BS hype?

Recent history--the Jets got their dogs walked by Philly just last week (by "getting their dogs walked", I mean, losing 19-45). The Giants lost to the Goddamn Drunken Savages by 13 points last week.

But, OH MY GOD, these teams are fighting for postseason play!

Let's take a moment--The Giants are 7-7. The Jets are 8-6.

The Jets, even at 8-6, have maybe the worst record in football. In that they are 8-6, and have beaten absolutely no one.

At least, wins against Dallas, Jacksonville, Miami, San Diego, Buffalo (twice), Washington, and Kansas City doesn't exactly light up a sign in my mind that says, "SUPER BOWL".

Forget these two weak garbage teams. This game is important because the loser is out of the playoffs, more than likely, the winner is going to sneak in with the 5th or 6th seed and lose in the first round. Clearly, this game is FREAKING IMPORTANT.

But it isn't. Not really.

If you are looking for actually important games this Saturday, and not just what the East Coast Media Liberal Elite thinks is important (apologies to nutjobs who actually think that way) look at these games:

Chargers vs. Lions
Saints vs. Falcons.

Those are games worthy of mention. The Chargers and Lions are both on hot streaks, and haven't lost to the likes of the Washington Drunken Savages of late. The Saints and The Falcons, boring as it may be for those of you who don't live in the South, has a ton of repercussions, especially if the Falcons can win (and they can. Will they? who knows. But they can.)

Giants vs. Jets? Forget that mediocre BS. It is, seriously mediocre BS.


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