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Why Does it Always Go Back to Race with NFL Players?

It's time for some therapy. Every week in the NFL, players, coaches, media, fans, and etc, say or do something that ticks me off. I'm sure that I'm not the only one. So, after all of the games are played from the previous week I give myself and the people that read this article a little therapy.

I do this by venting about some of the things people or saying or doing in the ford of NFL football. I just can't give a pass to some of these individuals and somebody has to argue the other side. Let's dive right into some of the topics that people seem to be giving a pass.

Hmmm, it seems as though my suggestion that the New England Patriots football team may be cheating again has struck a nerve! Oops! Hey, no one ever said that Bill Belichick & Co. were the most honest fellas in the room...

BTW why aren't Tim Tebow & Dan Lefevour starting NOW??

Ignorance isn't bliss, it's ignorance!

In this country, race plays too much a factor on way too many decisions. When I was younger, I played basketball and my favorite player was Magic Johnson. I patterned my game around the way he played. I passed first just like him, I shot like him, everything I did on the court was meant to be the way he did it.

When I got good and people started noticing, they would say that I played like Toni Kukoc. What the &@*$! Kukoc was the best player at that time, so that was my complexion? I had to be him because I was white? I couldn't me Magic Johnson? This was always the most ignorant thing to me and I used to think that it was just because I was in high school in Florence, SC.

As time has gone one, I see that it wasn't where I grew up or my age and it's still that way today. Why is it that the mainstream media and analyst on the NFL pregame shows seem to only be able to compare players to whatever race they are? This weekend I heard one say that Peyton Hillis is the next Mike Alstott. Are you kidding me? Alstott is nothing like Hillis! Alstott was a fullback that would run one direction as hard as possible.

Hillis is a true NFL running back. He makes cuts at full speed, he can run over players, and he can catch the ball out of the backfield. Hillis is more like Stephen Davis or Christian Okoye; or Earl Campbell (as long as you understand that he's not that level, but has same type of game.)

Any time a white receiver is drafted into the NFL now, he's labeled as a Wes Welker type of receiver. It doesn't matter their size, their skill set, their speed, or their hands. He's a young, talented, white receiver...must be the next Wes Welker. Julian Edelman = Welker, Eric Decker = Welker, Jordy Nelson = Welker, congrats to the Colts, they have two Wes Welkers, Austin Collie and Blair White.

Are we still that shallow that we can't get pass the color on the skin to be able to evaluate the talent of two like players? I may be the only one that's raging on this this week but I had to let it out. Ignorance isn't bliss, it's ignorance!

Well that's another week of football therapy in the books. I hope I hit on some of the issues that raised your blood pressure. If you have something that bugs you, shoot me an email, if it set me off too we'll talk about it here. After all, this is your therapy as much as mine. See you next week, where I'm sure someone will have done something stupid and I'll beat it into the ground until I feel I've vented for everyone who was upset by it.

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