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Bad NFL Decisions: Mike Shanahan, Randy Moss and Terrell Owens

Another week in the books and another week of frustrations; you would think that a week would go by that I would struggle to find topics to fume about. Either I have some deep rooted anger issues or the NFL is overloaded with boneheads who will quickly be promoted from NFL players, coached and GM's to fans. Halloween has now come and gone and in Mike Shanahan's aging mind he got confused and thought it was April Fool's Day. He pranked the hell out of us all. Well, let's dive in there...

Mike Shanahan's Prank

On Halloween, Shanahan was in a competitive game against the Detroit Lions. In that game Donovan McNabb threw an interception to corner back Alphonso Smith which led to the Lions taking the lead. As the Redskins trailed by less than a touchdown, with 1:45 remaining, Mike Shanahan sent out backup QB, Rex Grossman instead of McNabb. At first, I thought that McNabb must have gotten hurt, but it became quickly apparent that he was benched. Meanwhile, Grossman takes his first snap on what will turn out to be a thrilling, come from behind victory, as the backup comes off of the bench, after sitting the entire game and has a John Elway moment... Ok, that didn't happen, but it's funny that Shanahan thought that would be the outcome.

Instead, on that first snap Rex does the unthinkable (well to Shanahan at least, it's exactly what 7 billion other people expected), he drops back to pass and fumbles the ball. Ndamukong Suh scoops up Rex's hopes and dreams and runs them back for a touchdown and then spikes his dreams into a million pieces. Pan camera 1 to Donovan McNabb, where he can be seen trying to fight back laughter and anger all at the same time.

Mike Shanahan makes matters worst in the coming days. First Shanahan said that Rex Grossman is more familiar with the Redskins 2 minute offense. WOW! He's basing this off of Grossman spending a year in his son's offense in Houston? One in which he never ran the two minute offense? Mike Shanahan went on to try and sell the remaining media beach front property in Kansas.

Then Shanahan back tracked and after realizing that he made up the dumbest excuse the first time, decided to take a challenge and see if he could make up a dumber one. He failed, only because the first excuse was so stupid. He gave it a good run though by saying that McNabb's conditioning would hold him back from running the 2 minute offense to precision.

MEMO to Mike Shanahan: It's never a good thing to take a play out of T.O.'s playbook. See Eagles excuses for Super Bowl loss for refresher.

I'm not going to say that McNabb would have definitely brought the Redskins back but he would have given them a better chance than Rex Grossman. If you are worried about your quarterback's stamina, why in the world would you give a tryout to 683 pound JaMarcus "All Fat & No Muscle" Russell? Maybe he was having him import some syrup? Why not? You have a doctor from Canada bring in the steroids to get them all jacked up and then Russell has a lot of free time and codeine, so ask him in for a tryout and tell him to bring enough lean for the whole class, to mellow them out. See, Shanahan is still a genius.

Maybe Shanahan is just laying the ground work to bring in Jake Plummer? Can anyone get in touch with him in Idaho and ask him to give up his competitive hand ball tournament to come back to Shanny. Or maybe he's thinking big picture of tradiong McNabb to Chicago for Jay Cutler? McNabb would get to go home and Cutler would get reunited with his old coach and his leading receiver this year, Deangelo Hall!

New England Patriots Minnesota Vikings Tennessee Titans WR, Randy Moss - World's Oldest Baby

E-Trade should be getting sued by Randy Moss. They stole his whole marketing idea, using a talking baby to make money. There isn't a bigger baby in the world then the 6'4", Moss. He cries about being unhappy, throws a temper tantrum and gets his way and then he wants to go back to daddy (Belichek) and say I'm sorry, I was wrong, can I come back home. He's done this his whole career. He didn't give 50% in Oakland, he quit in Minnesota the first time, and then for good measure he quit a second time. You have to baby him and keep him a 100% happy for him to be productive.

Most of you are probably thinking that I'm ranting and raving on Moss due to the post game press conference and the comments he made about the Patriots. That factors in to this but in all actuality, I decided to put Moss in the NFL Rage piece this week as soon as I saw the pass interference call. Let me refresh your memory.

Late in the game this past Sunday, Moss takes off and has his man beat, the corner, who is completely helpless commits a blatant pass interference penalty. Brett Favre put his body on the line and took a hit to give Moss a chance at the touchdown, but as soon as Moss realized that he had the pass interference, he gives up on the play and watched as the ball Favre threw up under distress landed 1 to 2 yards beside him. I would have cut him right there. As a team you can't have a 40 plus year old QB taking those kinds of shot and a diva receiver just not appreciate it and be too lazy and negative to reach out and catch a give me touchdown.

This is his personality; it always has been and always will be. T.O. said it but Moss lives it..."I love me, some me!" All Randy cares about is himself. Every time he opens his mouth and that Deliverance accent comes out, he's complaining about something.

Most coaches just look at the positive but in this case, I believe the negatives far outweigh them. I personally wouldn't add him to my team, but I guess Tennessee GM, Mike Reinfeldt and Head Coach, Jeff Fisher think they know something I don't know.

Reinfeldt, was quoted as saying that Moss was "obviously a Hall of Fame player," and said he was "happy to add him as a difference maker to the team's offense."

Fisher, was quoted as saying "We had an opportunity to upgrade our offense and Randy has been a tremendous threat where ever he has been. We will bring him up to speed as quickly as possible."

Fisher went on to add that the Titans did their "due diligence"' on Moss including included talking to Moss and former teammates like current Titans backup quarterback Kerry Collins. Fisher also said that Moss was excited about the move, and the NFL's longest-tenured coach with his current team isn't concerned about how the 13-year veteran now with his third team this season.

"Randy's been a good teammate, and he's very popular. I think this is a great opportunity for him. It's a fresh start," Fisher said. "We've got a great locker room. They'll accept him. I'm confident he'll accept his new teammates as well."

About the only thing I have to say about this is good luck Tennessee Titans, your're gonna need it.....

I want to take this time to say kudos to Terrell Owens. He had a terrible year last year in Buffalo and it's been a huge team disappointment this year in Cincy. You haven't seen the display of immaturity however that he would have shown in his younger years. Even with the media baiting him, he still bit his tongue last year. It appears though that he has passed the torch back to Randy Moss. I'll be glad when Moss hangs up his cleats so I don't have to hear him cry anymore. Why are you still playing anyway, Randy? "Straight cash homie?"

Well that's another week of football therapy in the books. I hope I hit on some of the issues that raised your blood pressure. If you have something that bugs you, shoot me an email, if it set me off too we'll talk about it here. After all, this is your therapy as much as mine. See you next week, where I'm sure someone will have done something stupid and I'll beat it into the ground until I feel I've vented for everyone who was upset by it.

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