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2011 NFL Prospect Buy or Sell: Ricky Stanzi, Mario Fannin and More

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The stock market is difficult place to make a living. You can work hard to find the right stock and come up with a real winner, something that really puts you on the financial map. It’s not a one way street though. Sometimes you do extensive research, ask all the right questions and have a great feeling about the stock you've purchased, then BAM the stock plummets because of some unforeseen event and you're never to see the profit off of that investment again and all the due diligence  you did goes up in smoke.

Research that NFL teams do on potential draft prospects works the same way. I've turned my eye to some of the stock that teams should be shorting and some other instances that are screaming buys.

In today’s NFL market, we'll be discussing Quarterbacks, Running Backs, and Wide Receivers:


QB, Ricky Stanzi, Iowa Hawkeyes - There's been talk that Stanzi is a safe investment in the mid to late rounds.  I don't buy it.  I believe that people are betting with scared money and scared money equals no money. People believe that because Stanzi has the technique and experience that it will equate to a quick change over to the pro game.  In a way they're right.  His foot work will be up to par quicker than other prospects but when is the last time you saw a quarterback throw a touchdown with his feet.  He's wildly inaccurate and won't make it at the next level. SELL

RB, Mario Fannin, Auburn Tigers - He's a 230 pound back that lit up the combine with his 40 time.  The guy reminds people of the Brandon Jacobs situation.  Bigger back that had amazing speed for his size and was the 3rd string back at Auburn.  Even though they were both 3rd string backs at Auburn, Jacobs was behind Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown.  Fannin didn't get beat out by that type of competition.  Don't buy into the hype, he's not Jacobs.  You will find a more talented, lesser risk back. SELL

WR, Edmund Gates, Abilene Christian Wildcats - Once again, we are faced with a stock that soared at the combine.  Gates has blazing straight line speed.  His speed doesn't transition into his route running though.  He won't get separation at the next level and on the go route he'll be facing players as fast as him on many occasions.  He could make it as a returner but some team will draft him in hopes that he'll also contribute in the passing game.  Don't let it be your team. SELL


QB, Josh Portis, California (PA) Vulcans - This is an investment that you can pick up in the later rounds and it'll pay dividends.  All of those teams that are thinking quarterback in the 1st round, should attempt to get a veteran and look at Portis later.  Teams could develop Portis, and 2-3 years from now he'll be a starter in this league.  He got good size, accurate arm, but there are some character concerns.  His traits remind me of Josh Johnson and he should be able to follow that same career path.  Johnson should be starting for a team in 2011. If Portis can come in and learn behind a vet for 2-3 years, he'll be ready to start and won't let down. BUY

RB, Dion Lewis, Pittsburgh Panthers – There are plenty of smaller backs in this year’s class and teams are all looking for the next Jamaal Charles.  While Lewis isn't as fast as Charles, he has the feet to make cuts that will have you thinking about the way Barry Sanders toyed with defenders.  He's a compliment back  that can come in and change the game.  Just off the top of my head, I can imagine him pairing with Michael Turner in Atlanta or Stephen Jackson in St. Louis.  It's a change of style  that could throw off defenses. Turner and Jackson would bruise up the defense and Lewis would come in and have them grasping for the air. BUY

WR, Greg Little, UNC - He's a starter in the NFL. This is a talented receiver class and Little is getting left out in the cold, due to character issues.  There is an entire group of UNC players that hurt their stock with everything that went down there. Teams are reportedly saying that Little has been lying in interviews.  This is a huge red flag.  With that being said, he has all the tools and will slide far past where he should be picked. A team can scoop him up and have a great talent at a low cost.  BUYnow, at the right price.

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