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NFL Preview: Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings

The Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings are set to do battle for the second time in less than a month this Monday, and there is no reason to assume that this match-up will end any differently than the last.

On October 23 the defending champion Packers allowed newly named-named quarterback Christian Ponder essentially hand the ball off with impunity, paving the way for a 33-27 win that was far closer than it should’ve been. Ponder had two scores in that one, and running back Adrian Peterson rushed for 175 yards and a touchdown.

Even though Green Bay’s defense has been suspect, to say the least, this year – it’s hard to imagine that they’ll make the same mistake twice. The team’s horrid, worst-in-show pass defense notwithstanding, look for the Packers to both stack the box and pressure the young quarterback as soon as the ball is snapped. Breaking Peterson’s current streak of a touchdown in six consecutive games versus Green Bay will be instrumental for a Packers win.

As it stands, the defending champs have racked up 14 wins in a row – with much of that being the direct result of the excellent play of their quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. To this point, the reigning NFL Super Bowl MVP has passed for 2,619 yards and 24 scores this year. Look for him to continue to carve up a suspect Vikings secondary that hasn’t really been able to stop much of anything this season.

Check out CBS Sports’ take on this weekend’s match-up below.

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