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NFL Preseason: Will Beck Start for Redskins?

It was common knowledge for some time that the Washington Redskins had soured on Donovan McNabb and wanted him out of town. But, when the question of who would start in his place came up, everyone thought Mike Shanahan was joking when he said he liked John Beck.

Really? Really.

No one believed him until they didn’t add any QB of note besides Rex Grossman. Grossman started the last preseason game and did okay, but apparently the team wants Beck to get a chance to reclaim his starting role. We just saw this tweet from John Keim of the Washington Examiner:

“Beck will start friday. #redskins,” Keim tweets.

Really? Really.

They are seriously considering this guy as a starting QB? He was a rookie in 2007 and stunk for the Dolphins. He hasn’t been in a game since 2007. He has thrown one TD pass his entire career. What is Shanahan seeing in this guy that is impressive? He’s basically urinating an entire football season away by not having a competent QB. Because even if Beck fails, you’re going to rely on Rex Grossman. Sheesh.

Have fun, Redskins fans!


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