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NFL Preseason Week 1 Review: Jets v. Texans

NFL football is finally back!  Many NFL fans say that they don’t get excited for the preseason, but for me it’s almost as exciting as the regular season. Teams are getting built, dreams are being made, and there are many players giving every last effort in hopes of making a roster. If you’re one of the many that just can’t get into it, I certainly understand, so for you I’m providing cliff notes for every preseason game played. I’ve locked myself away in the dungeon, far from sunlight watching each matchup and giving you quick updates on each team.

New York Jets (16) vs. Houston Texans (20)

New York decided to run quick pass routes while Mark Sanchez was in the game. It allowed for Sanchez to avoid any injuries that may be caused by a sack. It was basically 3 step drop and the ball was out. All safe passes so it’s hard to really speak of how well he played.

Matt Leinart kept the theme of former USC quarterbacks with safe passes going. While his stat line looked good, all he really did was throw to the backs in the flat. He starred down his number one read on almost every pass attempt, only going to his second read once and that was because he flashed right in front of him. This was a perfect example of how stats do lie.

The night belonged to the rookie quarterbacks. TJ Yates gave his receivers opportunities to make plays and actually looked a lot better than Leinart. Yates threw a beautiful deep ball that receiver Derrick Townsel didn’t run through. It should have been completed and would have if it was thrown to a starting wide receiver. He wasn’t afraid to take risk and played well in his first game.

Greg McElroy basically grew up in the second half. McElroy looked horrible in the first half. He waited for the sack to happen on one play instead of attempting to avoid it. But, the second half was a different story. I’ve never seen a guy develop so quick. He was stepping up and avoiding sacks, finding the open man and throwing some great balls. It’ll be worth watching his development.

To no surprise Jeremy Kerley was a natural in the Jets return game. He’ll still have some growing pains as a receiver.

Chris Ogbonnaya ran the Texans system well and proved to be a very good blocker. He’ll be used in some 3rd down situations and goal line this season.

Bilal Powell runs with a purpose. He’s a power guy that has escape. You have to remember that he was running behind a line of backups and just imagine how his talent would equate behind Mangold, Ferguson and crew.

Shonn Greene had his way with the defense early on and is poised for a huge season. It appears as if the Jets will be content with relying on defense and a bunch of short passes mixed with a heavy dose of the running game.

The Jets backups were exploited when faced with the bootleg. It’s a case of young guys attempting to make a play and being over eager. I’m sure Rex Ryan will be yelling lane discipline at practice this week.

With Brian Cushing out, Daryl Sharpton and Xavier Adibi really stepped up. They did it however, in different manners. Adibi was better in coverage and rushing the passer while Sharpton was blowing up the backfield with run stuffing tackles.

Jesse Nading looks as if his value has skyrocketed in this new 3-4 scheme. He fits the mold of an OLB a lot better than when he was playing defensive end in the 4-3 past years. Bryan Braman has looked good in practice every day I’ve been at training camp. On Monday, he transitioned it into live game action. The Texans are developing a reputation for their eye on undrafted players…Nading, Braman, Arian Foster, Lestar Jean etc.

Speaking of Lestar Jean, he may be the surprise of the game for most people. I listed him as my #1 undrafted free agent wide receiver before he had signed with a NFL team. I couldn’t believe he went undrafted and after Monday’s game, I’m sure there are several teams wondering the same thing.

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