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NFL Points of Interest: Broncos v. Cowboys

Can you believe it fellow Bronco fans? A football game where players will don the Orange and Blue is upon us.

The Denver Broncos are traveling to Dallas to open up their preseason and there are many new components of this Bronco team to watch.

1. New faces on the defensive line

The Denver front office didn’t make the biggest splash in free agency, but they still made some frugal buys with former first rounders Brodrick Bunkley, Ty Warren, and Derrick Harvey. It will be interesting to see how many snaps these former free agents take. Harvey has the most to prove so he’ll likely be on the field longer than the other two.

2. Kyle Orton’s 12-15 snaps

Kyle Orton may not care about winning the fans over, but he won’t want to repeat his first preseason performance as a Bronco where he threw 3 interceptions against the 49′ers. Orton acts like he his by far the best chance for Denver to win, and he may in fact be, but the fans do not forget his ‘clutch’ performances.

One of those performances being the two pick six throws to Derrick Johnson in Week 17 when the playoffs were on the line. So if Orton wants to continue his riding his high horse into the preseason then he’ll have to show throw some touchdowns.

3. The running back dynamics

It is well known that Knowshon Moreno and Willis McGahee will split the carries this year. What is not known is the ratio of that split. Moreno may get the starting nod tonight, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if McGahee entered in the huddle within the first 5-10 snaps.

McGahee is quite the competitor and has done extremely well in Baltimore splitting the carries with Ray Rice and Leron McClain, so expect some nice plays from the former Hurricane.

4. Rookie starters

Von Miller, Rahim Moore, and Orlando Franklin may be apart of the starting group that is supposedly receiving 12-15 snaps, but they are still rookies after all. It will be interesting to see if Fox keeps one, two, or even all of them in the game when the veteran starters leave the game.

5. Tebow time

No doubt, the most anticipated part of tonight’s game will be the playing time in which Tim Tebow receives. Many fans believe that Tebow’s most important skills cannot be shown in practice, that he’s a “gamer”, and that Orton is only good when the script reads as it should.

The Cowboy’s defense was apparently abysmal in their scrimmage against their own offense so Rob Ryan will be working extra hard to prepare his boys to look good. Since Fox won’t have Orton play that much, it’s up to Tebow to play well to keep Brady Quinn from coming in.

What about you Bronco nation? What are you excited to see in tonight’s first preseason game!?


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