NFL Playoff Projections: Conference Round

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We'd previously warned that the eventual winner of the NFC East was not to be underestimated in the postseason, and the Giants showed why in last Sunday's win over the Packers.

By a slim margin, the model now sees the Giants as the strongest of the four remaining teams, though their advantage is lessened by the fact that they will have to meet the 49ers on the road. Overall, the model now gives New York about one chance in three to win the Super Bowl, odds on par with those of the Patriots.

None of the remaining teams is particularly dominant at this point and none is a complete long shot. San Francisco, with the lowest probability of a Super Bowl win, is still given a 15% chance. And now, submitted for your approval, the final postseason projections of the 2011 season, with the table below listing each team's percent probability—first of advancing to the Super Bowl and then of winning the whole thing. Enjoy.

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