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The NFL players union says the average number of injuries has risen during the 2010 season. In a report released Friday called "Dangers of the Game of Football", the NFLPA says injuries increased from 3.2 to 3.7 per week per team and the share of players injured increased to 63 percent compared to a 2002-09 average of 59 percent. The report also shows that 13 percent of all injuries required players to be placed on injured reserve this season, compared to an average of 10 percent for 2002-09. The analysis is based on data from NFL Weeks 1 through 16 from Football Outsiders, which compiles information from the publicly available weekly injury reports.

The NFL also compiles similar data and its numbers also show more players on IR than in recent years: 464 for the entire season, up from 388 the previous year, 416 in 2008 and 413 in 2007.

The union says all this data indicates that injuries are occurring are more serious than in past years. And why are they releasing this info in this manner now? They are releasing the info in this manner and at this time so that they can use it as a bargaining chip to get more out of the owners in the current labor negotiations. The owners want to go to an 18 games schedule and the players are suggesting that two more regular season games will mean more injuries and are looking for some sort of compensation in exchange for adding two games.

The NFL players union has been turning up the heat on the owners of late trying to get public sentiment on their side. In their latest attempt to do just that, on the heals of the "Dangers of the Game of Football" release, the NFLPA released a 60-second commercial aimed at sending fans to sign-up for the petition at

The ads will appear in a 30-second format during CBS’ broadcast of the NFLPA Game, the college all-star game formerly known as the Texas vs. The Nation Game, on Feb. 5, the day before the Super Bowl.

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