NFL Player Chris Chambers Marries His Stalker


I know there can be more than one kind of stalker. There are the knife and duct tape carrying kind of stalkers, and then there are the ones who are harmless and fun and go through stalkees like a man changes channels on a Sunday during football season.

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When you call the police, go to court and file a restraining order against someone for stalking you who was “abusive, vulgar and irrational,” you would tend to put them in the first category. Not so if you are NFL player Chris Chambers. Just 8 months ago, Chris said all that about Stacey Saunders in court papers. Now, he has divorced his wife and married Stacey. Huh?

Yep. He went from fearing for his life to dumping his wife to marrying his stalker all in under a year. She will probably become the poster child for all stalkers everywhere hoping their dreams come true.


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