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NFL News: Tony Sparano, Todd Haley Fired

Miami Dolphins coach Tony Sparano had his team playing some really good football these last five or so weeks. This was after an 0-7 start, but it did look as though things were getting better for the embattled head coach.

Likewise, Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley got his team’s ship turned around after a miserable start to the season. He had things going pretty well and then Matt Cassel got hurt and he had to try to win games with Tyler friggin’ Palko.

And the brass for both the Chiefs and the Dolphins finally had enough of them, as they each axed their guys with three games left to go in the season following terrible losses.

We don’t know who is replacing them and we haven’t bothered to find out either.

This isn’t the most surprising news in the world as there has been speculation about their jobs all year. Expect each team to continue to stink for the rest of the season.


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