NFL News Round-Up: Roger Goodell, Bountygate, Saints Drama, Eric Wright and More

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Welcome back to NFC South Nuggets, where we keep you up to date on the happenings of the New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  During this sloooooooooow period of football news, we are very thankful for Judge Goodell and Buccaneers cornerback Eric Wright.

Commissioner Roger Goodellupheld the Saints bounty punishments.  Surprisingly, Roger Goodell affirmed the previous ruling of Roger Goodell based on the evidence Roger Goodell presented to Roger Goodell, with Roger Goodell having clearly been persuaded by Roger Goodell's arguments.  For future reference, if you are appealing a decision to a person with full and undisputed power and discretion, do not sue them (especially not twice) before their decision.

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Score one for Drew Brees in his unending attempt to be the highest paid player in the NFL.  An arbitrator ruled that the franchise tag placed on him this spring will be his 2nd, meaning if the Saints tag him again, they have to pay him an even more ridiculous sum of money.  This should give Brees more leverage in contract negotiations, as the Saints have only about 11 more days to sign him long term.

Saints defensive end Martez Wilson believes he will be a Hall of Famer one day, after struggling to gain reps last year in a weak linebacker corps and being switched to a defensive end under the Saints new defense.  It remains unclear if he knows what the Hall of Fame is or how one usually gains admittance (does he pay full admission price?), but it is a pretty lofty goal for a guy with one sack in a blitz heavy defense.

Buccaneers cornerback Eric Wright, a favorite punching bag for the NFC South Nuggets, continues to give great fodder after getting overpaid in free agency and skipping out of training camp.  What is this mediocre talent up to this week?  Plowing into other vehicles while intoxicated resulting in a charge of felony DUI that caused injury to another person.  I guess Aqib Talib is rubbing off on the new Buc.

With the Buccaneers bracing for both starting cornerbacks to potentially be suspended early in the season, Tampa may turn to AARP member Rhonde Barber to move from safety back to corner.  I am not sure why you would do otherwise, but stay away from Tampa's defense in fantasy football.

Pro Football Focus created an "elusiveness rating" and Jonathan Stewart topped the list (two above Michael Turner) in the league over the past three seasons.  More elusive than himself are his carries, as he averaged under 9 per game last year.

Panthers offensive tackle Jeff Otah is reportedly having his work ethic and durability questioned, and may not make it to the final 53, let alone his starting spot.  After missing about 9 games a year for the last four seasons, he very well may take durability advice from Jerious Norwood.  Ouch, that one made me a little sad.

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