NFL News Round-Up: Cam Newton, Mike Tolbert, Drew Brees, Mark Ingram and More

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Welcome to another NFC South nuggets, where we link to the happenings of the Panthers, Saints and Buccaneers in a way as biased as only a Falcon fan can do.  Has Cam Newton received way too much praise in a slow offseason?  Are we growing increasingly bored with Drew Brees and his contract situation?  Are the Buccaneers already regretting one of their big free agency signings?  There are plenty of "yes" answers, after the jump.

Carolina quarterback Cam Newton has been named the 40th best player in the NFL according to the NFL Network, a level called "preposterously high" by Knox Bardeen.  While I agree with Bardeen, I think Newton may have received bonus points for his stolen laptop throwing skills, which I place in the "elite" category.

Panthers running back Mike Tolbert was apparently signed in case the Panthers let Jonathan Stewart leave in free agency next year.  It seems the Panthers blew all their money on running back DeAngelo Williams and (Google-assist to remember his name) defensive end Charles Johnson.

WWL-Radio has reported a deal will get done with Drew Brees very soon.  I am getting kind of bored with the Brees contract situation, and every other competent reporting agency has said the sides remain far apart.  Such as the breaking news that the two are only $2 million/year apart, which sounds oddly like the mid-March report by John Clayton that the sides are only $2 million/year apart.

Oft-injured soon-to-be-a-bust Saints running back Mark Ingram has undergone two surgeries this offseason, one on his knee and one on his toe.  Ingram believes them to be "minor," believing the injuries will not prevent him from reaching his rookie season status of 10 games and under 4.0 YPC.  As of this point, I just hope Ingram remains on the roster for many ineffective years, in the same way I supported Reggie Bush's stay in New Orleans.

Looking to improve a defensive line that was modeled after a wet paper bag, the Buccaneers signedJayme Mitchell, who averages about 0.15 sacks per game.    Hopefully the Buccaneers enjoy the basement of the NFC South.

Corner back Eric Wright, who the Buccaneers confusingly gave almost $40 million despite being a mediocre talent, has decided to show his gratitude for being overpaid by failing to show up to OTAs.  This investment will quickly pushing towards Kellen Winslow, Jr. and Derrick Ward failure levels.

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