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NFL News Round-Up: Aqib Talib, Jimmy Graham, Mark Ingram, Plaxico Burress and More

Back for another week of NFC South Nuggets where a biased Falcon fan belittles the other teams of the NFC South where there is bad news for pretty much every team, and Plaxico Burress. 

Remember two years ago when everyone talked up the Buccaneers draft?  ESPN was falling over themselves to give credit for drafting character-risk Mike Williams in the 4th round while he was having a quality rookie season.  Williams is now trying to learn every wide receiver position to give him a shot at getting playing time after a self described "terrible" second season.  Oh, and the wide receiver drafted ahead of Williams, Arrelious Benn, is working with the third string.  All of this Bucs failure is finally making the world feel right.

A little more... after the jump.

Tampa Bay corner Aqib Talib accidentally hit the lottery when prosecutors dropped charges for that little instance where he pistol whipped and shot at his sister's boyfriend.  For future reference, only attempt to murder those with a criminal history.  Or else it may be illegal.

In an effort to stay away from anything Brees/Bounty-related, it turns out Saints tight end Jimmy Graham is unlikely to sign an extension anytime soon.  Turns out he will be crazy expensive and the Saints don't have any money after it all went towards cheap shots after the whistle.

Reports are the Saints may be letting loose their cheap running back who had 4.7 YPC last season (and plan to keep the expensive Heisman-winning Mark Ingram with his 3.9 YPC), as Chris Ivorymay be on the roster bubble.  Both have injury concerns but only one of them cost a 1st and 2nd round pick.

Former nightclub regular and loaded pistol carrier Plaxico Burress said he would love to play for the Panthers.  I would love to pick up Kate Upton in my Ferrari (I hope she likes poor bloggers), but alas, like Plaxico and employment, it is simply not meant to be.  The Panthers will, rightfully, develop their younger players.

The Panthers over/under for next season is a respectable 7.5.  Yahoo mentions a few things that Carolina could do to improve above 7.5 wins.  OK, they mention 10 things.  Including Cam Newton playing at an MVP level, no injuries, better coaching, improved run game, strengthened defensive line... man, I have never seen a more depressed/excited fan base at the same time.

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