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NFL News and Notes: John Abraham, Atlanta Falcons, Peyton Manning, 49ers and More

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And here we go with this week's edition of Bird Droppings.  Factoids, snippets, and rants from the Falcons camp and the rest of the NFL.  Tying into today being the beginning of the free agency period in the NFL, we'll jump right in with some of that and see what else gets my blender spinning in the wrong direction.  (On that subject, note to Black & Decker..."Mix" and "Liquefy" settings should produce two different consistencies.  Thanks)

The big free agent question for Atlanta is the Predator, John Abraham. The seemingly low amount of salary cap space the Falcons have left might prohibit the signing of guys like Mario Williams.  As Abraham was spotted in Flowery Branch on Monday, speculation on our staff wavered between him having a meeting in the Falcons offices, to simply looking for a Target with a better selection of head shaving paraphernalia.  I'm somewhere in the middle. 

After his tepid performance at UGA Pro Day, tight end Orson Charles was arrested and charged with DUI last Friday.  Soooo, Mr. Fleener...has anyone shown you the wonderful sights and sounds of Atlanta yet?  Please...allow us.  Explore Georgia.

Tatupu...Manuwai...Only one thing could follow.  How about we sign Manumana the Slender to solve our aging center issue. I'd like to see McClure or Romberg try to play Iron-Man football and do a "I'm gonna go out and get some POI" sack celebration dance.

The Peyton Manning World Tour continues...most recent stop, Miami.  Speculation is all over the map as to where he'll end up.  My hope - He lands in Denver, the Broncos subsequently trading Tebow to Jacksonville for a 4th or 5th round draft pick.  The Jaguars get bolstered season ticket sales from the "Return of Tebow to Central Florida" gimmick, but bench him in favor of Gabbert in week 9.  Tebow is released and stars in a series of ads for male hygiene products with the tag line "Get axed? Try some AXE, you'll still think you're a winner"  But hey, I dream big.

The San Fransisco 49ers signed veteran I'm-Pulling-A-Favre wide receiver Randy Moss to a one-year deal.  Is Jim Harbaugh hoping Moss will mentor the young Michael Crabtree? On that line of thinking, would he hire Lindsay Lohan for his nanny? 

The AJC's D. Orlando Ledbetter speculates that the Falcons have just enough room under the salary cap to be able to sign the "2012 rookie class and perhaps a minor tweak or two".  Rookie class would indicate we have draft picks....did I miss something here?

This time last year, coach Mike Smith said of DT Peria Jerry, "I think he's going to be a lot better next year".  So much for Smitty's after football career as a fortune teller.  (You knew I wasn't getting out of this week without a Perry joke)

A lot of folks are distressed that Atlanta probably wont make a big free agent splash as they have done the past few years, but the truth is that Dimitroff and company have done a good job so far of locking up the players they wanted early.  The entire Brent Grimes situation still leaves me scratching my head, but I applaud their efforts so far.

Former Falcons linebacker Keith Brooking is being sued by Wells Fargo for allegedly not repaying nearly $2 million in loans.  Brooking, about to become a free agent, is being accused of shifting his assets to avoid repayment.  Sounds much like his M.O. on the field the last few years.  Side note...don't even think about it Falcons fans. Have you forgotten the Arizona playoff game so soon?

Be sure to check out our 2012 Free Agent thread for all the latest updates on what's going on as the frenzy ensues today!

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