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NFL mediation restarted, Greg Olsen denied access to high school field

Thursday marked the first day of negotiations between the Brady class and the NFL regarding the current lockout. Over 10 hours of talks took place at US Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan’s office, which, according to those present were extremely “tough” and achieved little more for starters than to mend some fences.

According to Jeff Pash, the league’s chief negotiator, the Judge deserved props for working hard to bring about reconciliation between the two parties and his side was looking forward to returning on Friday to continue working with the Judge. Commissioner Roger Goodell refrained from making any comments. Besides Goodell and Pash, a slew of team owners took part in Thursday’s negotiations too: Jerry Richardson of the Carolina Panthers, Clark Hunt of the Kansas City Chiefs, Art Rooney II of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Rich McKay of the Atlanta Falcons and Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots were all there. The players’ side, spearheaded by Tom Brady of the Pats and Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts, was represented by DeMaurice Smith, who did not act on behalf of the NFLPA this time.

In other news: in an interesting turn of events, Chicago Bears tight end, Greg Olsen was kicked off a high school field where he attempted to work out during the NFL lockout. The high school field is located within a few blocks of Olsen’s place. Olsen had apparently disrupted physical education classes there with his presence, hence the rather radical move by the school officials. According to Stevenson high school, Olsen was treated the same way everyone else would have been: basically, he was asked by one of the physical education teachers to step off the field.

Jim Conrey of Stevenson high school said the school could not have the general public show up and disturb classes. He also mentioned though that Olsen could call the school to have his field work worked into the schedule.


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