NFL lockout lifted, Von Miller headed to Cowboys


District Judge Susan Nelson had granted the NFL players a junction to lift the lockout a few days ago in Minneapolis. She has now rejected a request for a stay from the League. The next move of the league is to get the 8th U.S. Circuit court of Appeals to grant the stay. The position of the league is that it would not see the next season open until it got the chance to pursue a stay. The players on the other hand consider that with the junction to have the lockout lifted, granted and the stay request denied, the League should be forced to open for business. The Brady et al side also views the approach of the teams in regards to player transactions as collusion.

The Judge’s denial of the League’s stay request has thrown the two sides back into the tug-of-war stalemate as the above said points continue to be argued. In other news: LB Von Miller, a DeSoto, Texas native makes no secret about the fact that he would like to be drafted by the Dallas Cowboys, the team he sees as his “home” team. There are several huge obstacles that are likely to prevent Miller from joining the team of his liking though. The Cowboys only possess the 9th overall pick and he is projected to be 2nd or 3rd in the worst case. That means that instead of Dallas, he’s likely to end up with the Buffalo Bills or the Denver Broncos.

Whether he knows something we don’t or not is unclear, but Miller still hopes he will somehow end up playing for the Cowboys. He says the draft is a complicated process, and anything can happen: even him ending up in Dallas. Miller has worked out with the Broncos and he said that he would consider it a “huge blessing” to play for Denver.

Whatever team he goes to – Miller said – he would do his best to contribute. Huge props to him for that sort of attitude.


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