NFL Lockout Comes to an End; Madness Set to Begin


Are you ready for some football?

This hasn’t been an easy summer for NFL fans; however, the national tragedy that is the league-wide lockout that dominated headlines over the past three months is finally coming to an end. Both the owners and players are in the process of putting final touches on a deal that will be good through the next 10 years, according to multiple reports.

After the executive committee currently meeting in Washington D.C. recommends the deal to its 32 player representatives, that group in turn will offer the deal to the remaining players. The agreement is expected to fly through with no interruptions from any direction, and upon approval from all, will lead into one of the most chaotic periods in the history of the sport.

Once the deal is officially approved on Monday, clubs can start talking to free agents, rookie and otherwise. Then on Tuesday, said players can be signed. Veteran free agents can be contacted immediately as well, except they cannot be signed until 6 p.m. on Friday as per the New York Daily News.

Training camps will open for 10 teams on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – fulfilling the obligation which states that they must open 15 days before the first preseason game.

The New York Jets -- who begin their year on August 15 versus the Houston Texans -- will be the last group to report to camp.

After a strenuous 136 days, the lockout (which began on March 1) has come to a very timely conclusion. Fans never actually missed any football worth watching, but the mere fact that it almost came to that makes everyone involved appreciate the sport all that much more.

The Associated Press has additional details on the end of the lockout in the video below.


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