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NFL Labor Talks Hit Snag – Lockout Seems Inevitable

The NFL lockout news outlets have been talking about for a while seems more inevitable than ever these days. As the NFL Players Association and the NFL Management Council settled in for talks, more and more issues of dissent emerged.

The latest bone to pick is tied to the franchise tags. The League pressed ahead sending a letter to teams telling them that the franchise tags could be applied starting February 10. The Players Association on the other hand threatened agents with court action in case they went ahead and applied the tags in the absence of a labor agreement.

With the current agreement expiring on March 3, and with NFLPA director DeMaurice Smith appearing ready for the lockout, the chances of getting the two sides, the millionaires and the billionaires, to agree on something till then seem more distant than ever.

The current deal, negotiated way back in 2006, isn’t satisfactory to either party involved, the only problem is that they cannot agree on how to modify it. The players say that the league wants them to give back 18 percent of the revenue.

The National Football League on the other hand says the players got a much bigger cut of the revenues than it had originally been intended. The League also intends to introduce a new 18-game regular season, while dropping two of the pre-season games. The reasoning behind the move is obvious: fans have shown little interest in pre-season action, and they’re obviously not willing to pay for such games.

Two extra regular-season games would thus mean lots of extra revenue. The Players association isn’t fundamentally against the move. The only thing Smith stressed about it is that it needed to be fair move for the players, probably referring to the changes in offseason and pre-season schedules that would have to accompany the addition of the two extra games.

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