More Labor Pains for NFL


As you probably know by now, judge David Doty's ruling that the NFL violated the Collective Bargaining Agreement by striking deals with television networks requiring ongoing payments to the NFL during a work stoppage has changed the landscape of the current NFL CBA negotiations. This ruling caused the owners to effectively lose their "Louckout Insurance" and with that, their leverage. This legal intervention was the primary factor in the new 7 day extension of the current CBA agreement giving the two sides more time to reach an agreement while still under a contract.

Dr. Roto weighs in with some thoughts of his own on what he would do if he had $9 billion.

If Dr. Roto had $9 billion he would:

--buy a mansion with a man cave that had 30 TV's so I could watch every game in HD
--set up a college fund for Dr. Roto Jr. and Little Doc-ette
--get tickets to every major sporting event and fly there in my private plane
--give some to Mrs. Roto so I don't get grief and aggravation
--help schools in need get books, supplies, etc
--donate some money to charities to make sure that we find a cure for life's deadly diseases
--make sure Mama and Papa Roto had a room with a view at Shady Acres Assisted Living Community
--hook all my friends and family up with cool gifts on their birthday

If the NFL had $9 billion they would:

--Find some way to avoid an agreement between players and owners which would endanger the game for 2011 and ruin the most popular sport on the planet by alienating fans all across the country

7 more days to get an agreement's hoping the NFL comes to its senses while there is still time.

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