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NFL is Investigating Chargers for Using a Banned “Sticky Substance” During Broncos Game

The San Diego Chargers have officially found a way to make last Monday’s extremely embarrassing loss to the Denver Broncos even more embarrassing.  

According to Fox Sports, the NFL is currently investigating San Diego for using a banned ‘sticky substance’ during their most recent defeat. While specific details regarding this matter are being held close to the vest right now, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello has acknowledged that the league is “looking into” this situation. Along the same lines, in a statement released on Sunday, the Chargers also made it known that they are “aware” of an inquiry by the NFL and that they were “cooperating fully.”

On Monday, the Washington Post documented how the Chargers’ purported scheme was uncovered:

During Monday night’s game, an equipment manager came onto the field with an illegal substance on hand towels, Fox Sports reported. Line judge Jeff Bergman saw the towels and tried to confiscate the substance. When the equipment manager wouldn’t give it up, the officials made him empty his pockets and found a skin-colored or clear type of tape…

During a segment on the Dan Patrick Show today, Jay Glazer speculated that the punishment could be something as miniscule as a small fine if the league doesn’t deem this to be a big deal. (Which it likely won’t.)

Stay tuned – more news on this will probably come down at some point this week.

(Kudos Fox Sports, Washington Post, ESPN)

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