NFL Insider Jason La Canfora Follows Some Interesting Women on Twitter

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Jason La Canfora – for those who don’t know –  is an American sports writer and television analyst. He joined NFL Network and prior to the 2009 season and serves as an NFL insider and reporter.

We follow him on Twitter because he breaks a good amount of stuff and in general is a pretty good follow. But as Twitter-savvy as Jason is, tonight made me wonder if he has kept up to date with the new changes to Twitter – namely the timeline feature.

The beauty of the timeline is that you can see what your followers are doing and who you’re following. That works out beautifully when looking for new and interesting people to follow, but if you’re intentions on Twitter are less than admirable, well, everyone can see it.

So tonight as I was scrolling through on my phone I came across something that I found absolutely hilarious: Jason La Canfora followed Ava Marie Styles (@GlamourModelIAMS), who in her bio describes herself as “world traveler/ nude glamour model/ culinary artist/ into forbes, sports, music, languages & gold bikinis.. 36G-25-36 curvy size 6 eurasian bookings only.”

I think we can all agree that those are very redeeming qualities, but it begs the question – just why was La Canfora following her? I can’t imagine that Ms. Styles breaks anything of relevance – other than her sizable assets – that La Canfora would need to follow her for.

A quick search of the rest of the people that the trusted NFL insider is following reads like something out of a 14-year-old boys’ fantasy. Between more glamour models, Playboy bunnies and just straight up porn stars, it’s pretty clear that Jason may be getting a little lonely on the road.

Here are a few notables:

Jennifer Vaughn (@TheRealJV)~ “Follow me for pure entertainment~ Playboy Cyber Girl USA, PB Italy, PB Netherlands, PB Mexico, PB Spain, PB Live Model, PB Slovenija feature coming soon.”

Jenna Shea (@iamjennashea) – “#Smoothgirl/SHOWCovergirl w/a Intense reala$$ internet vixen 1webcamgirl /in♡ w-ur$ /#pitbulllowner

Catalina Cruz (@CatalinaCruz) – “Your online Fantasy Girl™ Owner of 19 adult sites & counting. Love living life! ♥family,friends, motocross Relax on my private island

These people – in the world of Jason La Canfora, NFL insider – are must follows.

Now what La Canfora does on Twitter is certainly his own business, but what comes with being in the public eye is increased scrutiny – and when you put “NFL reporter, father, husband” in your Twitter bio then maybe, just maybe, you shouldn’t be following a bunch of glamour models and live-cam girls.

At least with Bibi Jones you could get away with it because of the whole Gronk thing, but this gelatinous mass is following girls with only like 500 followers – girls you’ve never even heard of and most likely never will.

Just by looking at his bio picture it’s pretty clear that the guy is a creep, but if you need a little validation, just go check out who he’s following for yourself. You don’t even have to look at all the porn stars and strippers, just look at the extremely high number of good looking, younger women that have absolutely nothing to do with football or sports, period.

Keep doing you Jason, you goofy looking creep. You truly are an embodiment of your high school’s mission statement which reads: “The ideal Loyola graduate is a man of integrity who, because he strives “to find God in all things,” is open to growth, dedicated to academic excellence, religious, committed to diversity, and loving.”

At least the committed to diversity part still rings true – when it comes to your Twitter, you’ve got quite the diverse harem.

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