NFL Film Review: Two Minutes to Glory

A new film from NFL Films releases today.

Two Minutes to Glory focuses on some of the great comebacks in NFL History, and not surprisingly the Colts feature prominently.

The movie is over 100 minutes long and includes most of the truly memorable drives in NFL history. I was especially glad to see my all time favorite non-Colts game included. There was great stuff from the epic Montana/Elway showdown on Monday Night Football from the 90s on there. That was the single best NFL game I've ever seen not involving my team.

The Indianapolis Colts merited four major segments. Of course, they covered the Tampa Bay miracle, heavily. "Fourth and Two" also got a lot of attention. Unfortunately, there is a whole chapter on the Patriots which includes a segment on the Willie McGinest game, though his 'injury' was not noted at all.

The collection of clips is fairly comprehensive, and had seen every game after 1985 live. The two minute drill is the on thing you never, ever turn off, and the movie does a nice job capturing the most thrilling of comebacks.

The disc ends with a chapter called "The Greatest" which focuses on three iconic comeback drives. The first was 'The Drive' by Elway. The third was Montana's amazing drive against the Bengals in the Super Bowl (the John Candy drive). The middle of the three was 38-34.

38-34 was the greatest game in Colts history. There's a long segment on it with great commentary by Peyton Manning. In the special features, there's another long segment on the game that was recorded a couple of years ago with additional footage. It's amazing to watch the players on the sideline talking about Manning during the drive. Manning comes up with some hilarious digs at his teammates, mocking Jeff Saturday and Marvin Harrison in a playful and hilarious way. There were some good tidbits I had not heard before, including the content of Peyton's sideline prayer during Brady's last gasp effort to win the game, as well as the fact that the play Addai scored on was specially inserted by Mudd the week before especially for the Patriots.

It's a great film and worth the watch.


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