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NFL Fantasy Football: Season Wrap-Up

Let’s take a look at this year’s fantasy football season. Both the highlights and some of the low lights.

Fantasy MVP Michael Vick (PHI)

Some may argue that Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady produced better numbers then Vick. But, what you can not deny is that for teams who possessed Vick, their chances of winning went up at least 50% with him in the lineup. Vick’s ability to gain 80 yards on the ground, throw for 250 and get you 2 touchdowns a week made his teams almost unstoppable to beat. Add in the fact that he didn’t throw his first pick until week 12 and it made him a totally worthwhile pickup. Vick’s dominance can be summed up with one fact, his lowest point total while playing an entire game was 19. No other player can boast that stat.

Runner Ups: Arian Foster HOU, Tom Brady NE, and Aaron Rodgers GB

Fantasy Flop of the Year: Randy Moss (NE/MIN/TEN)

Many top fantasy players had disappointing seasons. Shonne Green and Pierre Thomas did not match their pre-season hype. Brett Favre went from solid gold to pure trash leaving a hole for many squads, but no player was a bigger waste of a pick than Randy Moss. Moss went from being a key member of the best passing game in football to a afterthought in a matter of weeks. He went from over 1300 yards and 13 touchdowns to only 393 yards and 5 touchdowns. The worst part about about Moss was the fact that after leaving New England he only had one more touchdown the entire season. The other aspect that made Moss really flop was that he never broke the century mark in receiving yards once this season. In fact, Moss only managed to break the half century mark 3 times this season. The only way, Moss worked out for you is if you managed to trade him before the season started.

Sigh of Relief for Brett Favre MIN, Shonne Green NYJ, and Pierre Thomas NO

Waiver Wire Steal Peyton Hillis (CLE)

In reality the true waiver steal of the year was Michael Vick, but with him already nabbing the MVP award I believe the spotlight should go towards my man Hillis. Hilils managed to produce constantly with little support around him. As the season progressed Hillis managed to constantly find the end zone and morphed into a must start running back each week. He also managed to produce big weeks against some of the tougher defense including Baltimore, New England, and the New York Jets. If Colt McCoy can develop, you better believe Hillis will not be a fantasy afterthought next season.

Just missed out Steve Johnson BUF, BenJarvus Green-Ellis NE, and Brandon Llyod

The He Finally Was Worth Reaching for Pick Darren McFadden (OAK)

For the past couple of years McFadden has always been a intriguing fantasy player. He always had the athletic potential and as a added bonus played for a team that put a heavy emphasis on the run. For the past two seasons he was taken early by many owners, who watched him spend most of the season either injured or on the bench. McFadden finally produced a solid season rewarding owners who nabbed him in the later rounds. He did pick up a couple of knocks taking him out for two games, but in the games he played he was a force. McFadden managed to also up his ability by becoming more involved in the passing game, making it virtually guaranteed that his worse week would be for 7 points.

Just missing the cut: Ahmad Bradshaw NYG, Josh Freeman TB, and Hakeem Nicks NYG

All Potential MVP is Jahvid Best (DET)

Best’s week 1 and 2 performances were astounding. First off, he managed to get 2 touchdowns aganist a tough Bears defense in week 1. Then he exploded for a monstrous week 2 game, getting 262 total yards and 3 touchdowns. Best went from possible weekly filler running back to must start each week. Once this happened he instantly became a dud. Best only managed one more week total of double digit points, with most weeks getting his players only 3 points. Most of these struggles were due to injuries, which continued to nag him throughout the season. The McFadden debate now looks to circle Best. Will be he healthy? If he’s healthy he appears to be worth an early pick. So McFadden conundrum repeated.

Other Players Touted for their Potential: Felix Jones DAL, Shonn Greene NYJ, Steve Smith CAR

Best Single Week Performance Michael Vick PHI vs. WAS 338 yards Passing 6 TDS 80 yards rushing

Vick completely demolished the Washington Redskins in the first half getting 5 total touchdowns, leading the Eagles to a 45-14 lead at halftime. Vick’s first quarter performance alone would have justified a tremendous start for many players getting them 20 points. The fact that he managed to continue pouring it on just added to this out of this world performance putting up quite possibly the greatest fantasy total we have ever seen.

Other Great Weeks include: Darren McFadden: 196 total yards 4 TD against Denver, Jahvid Best 262 2 TD game aganist PHI, and Arian Foster monster week 1 of 231 yards 3 TD.

Worst Single Week Performance- Todd Collins 72 Passing yards 72 yards Vs. Car.

Many players looking to find a solid bye week filler quarterback looked in the direction of Todd Collins playing the inept Carolina Panthers. Should have looked the other way. The Carolina defense managed to not stop any team from racking up points prior to Collins’ being pathetic. He somehow managed to make the Panthers look like Pro Bowlers by throwing 4 interceptions and only managing to get 72 yards through the air. Collins’ performance not only was the worse fantasy performance of the season, it may have been the worse single performance of any player this season.

Other Dreadful Performance: Matt Hasselbecks 71 yards passing 3 turnovers, Chris Johnson 5 yards against Houston, Dwayne Bowe Week 14 and 15 total of 3 total yards.

Best Rookie Fantasy Performance Sam Bradford QB (STL)

Bradford’s rookie season seemed to get better each and every game. Something you look for in a rook. No matter the lack of wide receiving talent, he continued to produce. No quarterback except maybe Peyton Manning had to deal with a more constant loss of people to throw to. But, even with all of the Colts’ injuries Manning still had Reggie Wayne to throw it to. If Bradford can somehow manage to get at least 1 solid wide receiver around him, the sky is the limit for the former Sooner.

Other Rookie Studs: Mike Williams TB, LaGarrette Blount TB, Colt McCoy CLE


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