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2011 NFL Draft Reactions: San Francisco 49ers

Will the real Aldon Smith please stand up? Oh wait, I wouldn't know who that was anyway. I thought I would give myself a good 12 hours before I shared my thoughts to allow time for this pick to set in. Twelve hours later, I still don't really know what to make of it. I do know that the 49ers, in Raider-like fashion, went with a guy nobody predicted. Maybe that's Jim Harbaugh's MO... I'm not sure.

The 49ers passed on Blaine Gabbert, Robert Quinn, Prince Amukamara, Nick Fairley, and Cameron Jordan from Cal to take a guy who probably would have been on the board 4-5 picks later. Very interesting. And by interesting of course I mean... why the hell did they do that?

Now it's true that I've never seen him play nor have I even heard of him. It is also true that what the 49ers do today and the rest of the draft could clarify why they selelcted Smith with the #7 overall pick. And, perhaps they use Smith as trade bait for a team that had been targeting him, like Houston who apparently REALLY wanted him. 

Until then, I will continue to wonder why the 49ers didn't trade down and select Smith or draft any of the guys mentioned above in favor of a very raw talent with a high ceiling. 

Round two begins in less than 5 hours... we'll see what happens next. 


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