NFL Comes Down Hard on Saints for Bountygate; Sean Payton Suspended for Year

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The verdict is in per ESPN...

The Saints have been fined $500,000. They forfeit their second round picks in 2012 and 2013. Sean Payton is suspended for 1 year beginning April 1. It gets worse, or better if your a Falcon fan.. Mickey Loomis is suspended without pay for 8 games and former defensive coordnator Gregg Williams is suspended indefinitely. Their assistant coach Joe Vitt is suspended 6 games.

Karma is a drink best served cold. The players involved are expected to recieve additional punishment in the upcoming days. This is a major punishment and Rodger Goodell just made his message loud and clear... Do not put bounties on players! 

There is a good chance Gregg Williams may never be able to coach again in the NFL, this is bad news for the Rams organization. Overall, the Saints are in terrible situation. The fallout is only beginning for this scandal. My mouth is dropped... How about yours? Post below or as always feel free to hit me up on twitter @ColossalChicken

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