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NFL Black Monday Rumors: Andy Reid, Norv Turner, Ken Whisenhunt, Lovie Smith and More

Today, a lot of coaches are going to be unemployed. Philadelphia’s Andy Reid has already assembled a coaching staff. San Diego’s Norv Turner is about to exit, stage left. Jacksonville's Mike Mularkey, Arizona's Ken Whisenhunt, Chicago’s Lovie Smith, all are included in the rumor mill of coaching shakeups in the NFL.

It’s no secret that Oregon’s Chip Kelly is keenly eying Reid’s spot in Philly. Other teams that may be interested in his services are Cleveland and possibly Carolina. The reason he may choose Philly, if given the choice, is the Eagles’ long-standing tradition of giving the head coach personnel control.

This is what Kelly is looking for.

Reid, meanwhile, would just love to go to San Diego and take over embattled coach Norv Turner’s job. He has quietly made this clear, but in a Shakespeare-like “Midsummer Night’s Dream” scenario, San Diego might not want Reid. He has also made no secret of his want to stay in Philadelphia, but wouldn’t mind moving so close to his hometown of Los Angeles.

As Reid chases the Chargers, the Arizona Cardinals are chasing Reid. Sure, it’s close enough to L.A., closer than Philly, but is that really where he wants to coach?

The last word heard from Eagles’ owner Jeff Lurie was on August 30 when he said that another 8-8 season would be unacceptable. The fans, media and team have all but written Reid off, but Lurie has been (relatively) silent.

Then again, as badly as the Eagles lost the game against the Giants on Sunday, one has to wonder how serious Reid is when he says he wants to stay in Philly.


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