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Why Rex Grossman is Starting Over Donovan McNabb

As you may have heard by now, Washington Redskins head coach, Mike Shanahan, has benched DonavanMcNabb for this weeks game against the Dallas Cowboys in favor of Rex Grossman.

This move has divided the locker room with some players remaining loyal to their coach and others being down right pissed. Players have become disenchanted with Shanahan's games and the way he's treating players and everyone is left to wonder if they are his next target.

When asked to comment on how he felt on the move, one Redskins player who asked to remain unnamed stated, "I don't know man... this is an eff'ing train wreck. This is one crazy train man."

Here are 10 reasons why Shanahan may have made the move.

  1. Mike Shanahan is the Anti Christ. Ozzy Ozbourne bit him and now he came to Washington to destroy this once proud franchise.
  2. Shanahan has Dallas in his knockout pool this week.
  3. Shanahan thinks that McNabb and Albert Haynesworth are lovers and wants to get back at both of them.
  4. After being released, Hunter Smith has been making prank phone calls to Shanahan all week and making his voice sound like Donovan McNabb.
  5. Shanahan doesn't like black quarterbacks. He even went so far as to crash a recent Doug Williams roast at Grambling University heckling the Grambling University head coach and one time Redskins Super Bowl MVP yelling from th eback of the room, "if I were coaching the Broncos during Super bowl XXII, you would have gone to Harlem, NY, not Disney World."
  6. Daniel Snyder and Mike Shanahan are trying to one up each other and get credit for destroying the Redskins.
  7. Shanahan is still pissed that McNabb and his mom got the Chunky Soup commercials over John Elway and his mom.
  8. Albert Haynesworth sat in Shanahan's head and damaged his cerebral cortex affecting his thought process.
  9. Jerry Jones agreed to give Shanahan his own Texas oil well if he lets the Cowboys win.
  10. McNabb's mother called Shanahan a "Honkey Weasel" and he's pissed. - Jason Lockhart

Jason is a sports journalist currently enrolled at Stanford University.

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