NFL Analysis: Why New York Giants Don’t Need Ahmad Bradshaw or Steve Smith

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As we all know, the NFL year still hasn’t kicked off. When it finally starts, teams will have some decisions to make. Do you pay the veterans or trust your scouting department and the young guys they brought in?  Well, when it comes to the New York Giants’ Steve Smith and Ahmad Bradshaw, it’s time for the Giants to part ways.

Whether you want to call him Danny or DJ Ware, doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that he’s ready for his chance. Da’Rel Scott and DJ Ware will be able to replace the combo of Brandon Jacobs and Bradshaw in the long run. The running back position is a young man’s game. While Ware came into the league with Bradshaw, he barely has any wear on his tires. He’s a bigger back that moves well but he’s also hungry. That’s something that is missing in Jacob’s game. Da’Rel Scott looks like a little bowling ball but he’s deceptively fast. If you’re worried about why he lasted to the 7th round and pick 221, just remember Bradshaw was selected 29 picks later in 2007. The power / speed combo of Scott and Ware is promising. It could be scary for the fans to give up the comfort of Bradshaw / Jacobs for the unknown. But, that’s why they have the safety net of Jacobs.

Jerrel Jernigan was one of the best kept secrets in the draft. His addition to the roster will add more flexibility for the other players on the offense. He’ll be the best vertical threat the Giants have had in quite some time. His ability to stretch the field will help make Hakeem Nicks a star. All things considered, he can be everything that Smith showed in 2009 and more.

Teams are built for long term success through the draft. You must upgrade your skill positions while saving money. These moves will kill two birds with one stone. While getting younger, the Giants will also get better, and save money by not having to pay Bradshaw, Smith, and Jacobs free agent contracts. It’s not all sugar and rainbows–there will be a learning curve and some bumps but in the grand scheme of things, but the Giants’ organization will come out better for it in the end.

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