NFL Analysis: Should the Falcons Franchise Abraham, Grimes or Lofton?

Who should get the franchise tag? Who are the Falcons going to resign? These are all questions us fans are going to be thinking about over the next few weeks. In this article I want to focus on John Abraham, Brent Grimes, and Curtis Lofton. If the Falcons were going to put the franchise tag on any players this off-season I imagine it would be one of these 3.

Curtis Lofton is the leader of the defense; he is the QB of the defense and next to a blossoming Sean Weatherspoon is going to be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. The Falcons did not use a tag last year but in 2009 they did tag punter Michael Koenen. It would cost around $8.8 million to tag a linebacker this year. But it won’t be Lofton, I expect him to be signed first by Atlanta to a nice long term deal. He’s simply too important to not lock up for a long term deal.

John Abraham has been the “Predator” in the dome for a number of years now. His value is unquestionable but his history of injuries compiled with his age make a long term deal unlikely. The Falcons are bringing in a new defensive coordinator. Mike Nolan should be able to develop a defensive line that has not been a factor in previous years. The Falcons pass rush is in desperate need of an overhaul. Nolan is the man to do it. Even Abe himself said a sort of goodbye message via twitter last month. I would not have a problem with a franchise tag on Abe. He is worth another year, but a long term deal even I doubt TD will be willing to work out.

The rise of Brent Grimes from being an undrafted free agent is something that I respect. It would cost Atlanta over $10.6 million to sign a franchise tag. I truly believe like Lofton, he is too good and young to part ways with. I'm not sure if Atlanta will be able to work out a long term deal here but I think after getting Lofton signed this should be the priority. I see Grimes being the likely franchise tag of the 3. He is without a doubt the most talented member of the secondary, he has outplayed his current contract, and deserves to be paid like other pro bowl caliber corners.

So who do you think the Falcons will resign? Who will get the franchise tag? Could we possibly lose all three of these key pieces? Only time will tell but Falcon fans need to trust Thomas Dimitroff and company. They want to win a Super Bowl just as bad as we want to witness one.

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