NFL: Is Rush Limbaugh Moving the Vikings to L.A.?


As if Minnesota Vikings fans didn’t have enough to rejoice about, here is some more good news: When he was pressed on the matter, Rush Limbaugh refused to deny that he is interested in purchasing the team.

While rumors of Limbaugh’s interest in buying the Vikings hadn’t hit the front pages of any newspapers yet, it was apparently something that had been floating around for some time. During his appearance on Limbaugh’s show, Governor Tom Pawlenty mentioned the juicy NFL-related gossip, which the controversial radio host laughed off, but refused to deny.  

This, of course, isn’t the first time that Limbaugh’s name has come up in regards to NFL ownership. Back in 2003, he was a minority partner in Dave Checketts’ bid to buy the St. Louis Rams -- before being removed from the group in large part because of his comments about Donovan McNabb.

As it stands, the league is currently comprised of a bunch of spoiled, rich know-it-alls who are as greedy as they are self-righteous. Their one and only concern is lining their own fat pockets, regardless of who or what gets trampled in the process.

Limbaugh would fit right in.


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