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NFL Analysis: Players Key to Broncos' Victory vs. Jets

The BroncoTalk Staff gathers following each Broncos win to each hand out game balls.

Here are the deserved Denverites following the Broncos’ 17-13 win against the Jets Thursday night.

Von Miller

Once again, I have to give my game ball to Von Miller. Now, there are some who say that Miller is going under the radar. This is totally not true. Tonight, he had 9.5 tackles and 1.5 sacks, a pass deflected and a fumble forced. That is the best stat-line he’s had all year, and he’s been having a pretty good season as it is. He is a beast. He is absolutely deserving of the spot he was drafted at and the massive paycheck he is going to be due because of it. I said it last week and I’ll say it again: Miller is the frontrunner for Defensive Rookie of the Year, and after tonight’s performance I think he should be starting to run away with that award. Tebow may have willed the Broncos to win tonight, but Miller’s performance (alongside a Dumervil who has, in the last three games, started returning to his 2009 form) is a big part of what made that happen. – E. Halsey Miles*

*The piece above was written by Earl, but Josh suggested we all go in on this game ball to VM. I couldn’t agree more. One game ball wasn’t enough to emphasize the impact Miller has had this season, let alone in last night’s game. We’ve been doing game balls on BT for years, but I’m pretty sure this is a BT Game Ball first: kudos and thanks, rook, from all of us, a Game Ball each. – The BT Staff

Tim Tebow

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I’m having a lot of trouble getting my mind around what happened last night. I think a lot of rational, unbiased media members are; I think a lot of fans from other NFL teams don’t know what to make of it; I think even a good portion of Broncos fans that don’t fall into Tebow-lovers or Tebow-haters are having a similar dilemma… and maybe some of the “Tebow-haters” too.

A lot of commenters have been asking me to update my status on my “Bench Tebow” campaign following the Detroit Lions game. I’m not insane. Of course I don’t want to see Tebow benched anymore. That argument always came with a “If Tebow is struggling and the Broncos are losing…” as a preface.

Every argument I’ve ever made on this website has been influenced by trying to balance my desires for the Broncos to win now and win in the long-term… during the season, that means a lot more “win now” influence. I didn’t think Tim Tebow could win in the NFL. I was wrong.

I still don’t think Tebow can operate a traditional NFL offense and win in the NFL. Not yet. But I’m definitely willing to invest the time as a fan to see if he can grow into it. I’m on board, Pat Bowlen. At least this season. Let’s see where this kid takes us the rest of 2011.

Even if it’s three quarters of filth followed by a quarter of magnificence, game after game, as has been the pattern, at least Tebow will be learning. He’ll be gaining experience with every double-bounced incompletion and overthrown bomb. Plus, the Broncos will be competitive, and it’ll be fun to watch. We can take the pulse of the quarterback position and talk about the future of the franchise in the offseason.

Here’s a Game Ball for Tebow for his amazing 95-yard drive, and for confirming my beliefs that, this year, the Broncos can be a competitive team. And maybe next year, too. – Monty

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Andre Goodman

Last night Schottenheimer, Sanchez, and Burress started picking on the Denver corner in the 3rd quarter, and it seemed to be working. I even asked the question: “Why isn’t Champ covering Burress?” Then Andre turned it around, locked down his side and waited. A good pass rush, an errant throw turned into the ultimate momentum swing play in football, the pick six. For a guy who gets beat up by Bronco fans a lot Goodman had a nice game. – Josh Temple

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Defensive coordinator Dennis Allen

The defensive game play was the best we have seen out of the Broncos all year. It is no small feat what Dennis Allen has done to reshape this once abysmal defense. I don’t want to jynx it, but Denver looks like they’ve finally found some stability at a position that has seen a different coach for the past seven years. – Mr. East

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Eddie Royal

One catch 10 yards, his entire stat line. That one play saved the end of the game from disaster and became the spark plug for the winning drive. Sometimes football isn’t about putting up huge numbers, it’s about playing you role well enough to win. Eddie had a nice little Sammy Winder moment 24 years later.

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Special teams coordinator Jeff Rodgers and punter Britton Colquitt

One of the areas that has played a huge role in the Broncos success the past few weeks and has gone partly unnoticed is the team’s fabulous special teams play. The Broncos have been winning field position battles and the credit for that should go to Rodgers and Colquitt.

If Colquitt does not make the Pro Bowl this season I will be flabbergasted. In the AFC, Colquitt ranks first in net average (42.6) and in the top five in every notable punting statistic. He’s landed 14 punts inside opponents 20-yard line and has a long of 66 yards this season.

Receiver Matt Willis also busted his butt to try and pin New York deep and was successful on one attempt, forcing the Jets to go three-and-out while Cassius Vaughn had a huge kick return (I don’t know why it hasn’t been Vaughn/Royal on kickoff/punt returns all season). The whole special teams unit gets a game ball this week. – Jon Heath

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Brodrick Bunkley

He might be the most unheralded player on the team deserving of herald… if that’s a word. The rest of the defensive line and pass rush gets in on this too. Bunkley, Elvis Dumervil, Marcus Thomas, and Miller had a field day against the New York Jets offensive line, but Bunkley’s efforts have really stood out of late. – Monty

As always we welcome your thoughts. Who gets your Game Ball, Broncos fans?


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