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NFL Analysis: Is Packers Aaron Rodgers the 2011 NFL MVP?

Why is it that everyone assumes that Aaron Rodgers is hands down the 2011 NFL MVP?

Sure the Green Bay Packers are 13-1 but the New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots at 11-3 have elite records as well and their quarterbacks each have compelling arguments to be the 2011 league MVP.

Consider the fact that Drew Brees has more Completions, a higher Completion %, and more yards than Rodgers. Brees just had his 11th 300-yard passing game Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings. That’s a single-season record for 300-yard games. Brees is also only 304 yards behind Dan Marino’s all-time record of 5,084 passing yards in a season, and he has two games to go! Rodgers has more touchdown passes than Brees (40-37) and fewer interceptions (six for Rodgers, 11 for Brees), but Rodgers has four fumbles bringing the real turnover margin to a difference of just one favor of Rodgers (10-11).

When you consider the fact that Brees has faded back to padd 95 more times, that means that Rodgers has turned the ball over 3.1% of the time he has faded back to pass while Brees has only turned the ball over 2.6% of the time he has faded back to pass.

Rodgers to his credit has a higher passer rating however than Brees 120.1 to 109.1 however if Rodgers’ total turnovers were taken into account and not just INT’s his rating, while still great, would not be as high as Brees. Also, behind Drew Brees the Saints lead the league in yards per game at 456.7. They lead the league in passing Yards per Game too at 331.4 and are second to the Packers in scoring offense at 32.6 per game (Packers are at 34.3).

Lost in all of this discussion is Tom Brady. As a Jets fan I can’t stand the guy with a passion and he and his wife want to make me puke, but the fact is that having the Patriots at 11-3 with that defense is one of the more remarkable feats in sport.

The Patriots have let up a league worst astonishing 414.4 yards per game giving up 296.8 through the air and another 117.6 on the ground. Consider the fact that the better defenses in the league give up considerably less that 300 yards per game and it’s hard to imagine how the Pats are 11-3. Envision the New England Patriots, their record and on-field dominance if Brady had the Pittsburgh Steelers defense to work with giving up only 276.9 yard per game? They would be a touchdown favorite, minimum, against every team in the league, including the Packers, every week. The argument against Brady is that you or I might be the league MVP if we could throw to Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski every week.

I’m not suggesting that Aaron Rodgers isn’t the MVP, perhaps he is. But with two weeks left to go, I don’t think it’s a done deal and a case for others can certainly be made.

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