NFL Analysis: Most Interesting Atlanta Falcons Game of 2012

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It's the off-season and we are still a bit away from the first pre-season game. It's the perfect time to bring the guys together at the Grits Blitz roundtable so pull up a chair and listen to what we have to say and feel free to chime in with your answers as well. Last week we talked about position battles. Today, we talk about the games. The Falcons always have some key rivalry games but which games are we most looking forward to this season?

Joe: The Denver game. It's Monday Night Football and Peyton Manning. This could be an early opportunity for the Falcons to step on someone's throat. The Georgia Dome should a mad house and Mike Nolan will be able to unleash a great pressure package with as much as Denver is likely to throw the ball with Manning at the helm. The offense will also have a full game under its belt and be ready to match Denver score for score if need be. When all is said and done in 2012, week two versus the Broncos could very well wind up being a pivotal springboard.

Matt: Just about every year, it seems the Saints games are my most anticipated.  It is hard to weigh between the game in Atlanta or the later game and the playoff implications, but those two align this year in the Thursday night game in Atlanta at the end of November.  The game should have some playoff implications and of course be important to the rivalry.  November 29th has everything and of course will aired across the nation on the NFL network.

Zach: Personally I am looking forward to the Saints game at the Georgia Dome. It's always a fun and exciting week leading up to this game and it's a great rivalry. It should be amplified that much more due to Bountygate. Overall though I just love games like this. Not only does it bring out the best of the fans, but it brings out the best of football.

Kevin: Sounds like the Saints have it. Personally, I'm just ready for some football so mark me down for the first game of the year as the Falcons travel to Kansas City to take on what looks to be an improved Chiefs squad. It will be the first chance to see Dirk Koetter and Mike Nolan and their new offense and defense in action when it counts. That's what I am looking forward to.

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