NFL Analysis: Handing Out Week 9 Seattle Seahawks Game Balls


Noteworthy performances by Russell Wilson, Andre Roberts, and Marshawn Lynch made the decision a tough one, but I’m giving my NFC West game ball for Week 9 to Seattle’s starting cornerbacks. They were both so great, I couldn’t just pick one. It would just be unfair. I even gave due consideration to giving it to Seattle’s secondary, but remembered that would include the safety’s. I’ve been told they’re responsible for stopping the big plays, and Peterson’s average of 10.7 yards a carry on the day, on 17 carries would suggest they kind of dropped the ball on that one.

Twin towers Richard Sherman, and Brandon Browner were just dominant. No other word could describe how well they played. While the rest of the Seattle defense loaded the box, trying in vain to shut down Peterson, Browner and Sherman were often left one-on-one with either Harvin or Simpson and made it look easy. Percy Harvin was held in check for a season low in both receptions, and yards and looked a far cry different from the MVP candidate I’ve been hearing about all season. Some of this could be accredited to an ankle injury suffered during the game, but he was ineffective up to that point too. Speaking of Seattle corners playing well, and Harvin playing poorly, if Browner and Sherman weren’t enough, Trufant was able to both force and recover a fumble on the same play by Harvin, that led to points early for the Seahawks. That kind of depth is something to be reckoned with.

Richard Sherman was starting to remind me of another great NFC West cornerback on Sunday, you may have heard of him, Cortland Finnegan. A hefty comparison no doubt, but one Sherman was totally deserving of on Sunday. The pesky corner was in the faces of Vikings receivers all game, and never passed up a chance to get a lick in, be it verbally or physically. Couldn't find anything wrong with Sherman’s game of late - even if I tried - and he took it to another level on Sunday.

Now as for CFL cast off, and walking proof of Carroll’s genius: Brandon Browner. He had another one of those weeks that leaves me wondering what the rest of the league didn’t see in this guy. He was dominant on the outside, and received one more pass than a lot of Vikings receivers from Ponder on what was a beautiful interception down the sideline to seal the game. That brings his season total up to 3. The guy’s got game.


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