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NFL Analysis: Can Tim Tebow, Broncos Beat Steelers? Absolutely

Can the Denver Broncos beat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday? Well let’s put it this way, the home team, Denver, is a nine point underdog. Given the fact that a team normally gets three points for playing at home, that’s an eye popping line.

So how can the Broncos win? Let’s first start with injuries to Pittsburgh. Led by Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers have a virtual who’s who listed on their injury report; but even as a M*A*S*H unit, Denver is still a nine point dog.

Last week in Denver’s 7-3 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, Tim Tebow complete just six passes in 22 attempts. Completing six passes wasn’t the main crux if the problem (well it didn’t help) because Tebow has been able to win games this season completing just 10 passes (twice), just nine passes (twice) and the now infamous two completion game, a 17-10 win against Kansas City in Week 10. The problem was that Tebow averaged 2.73 yards per pass. 2.73 YARDS! I would argue that if Tebow ran 22 quarterback sneaks instead of fading back to pass each time, the Broncos offense would have been more productive moving the ball.

If I were Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, I’m not even certain that I would even call pass plays. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that Denver not throw the ball. Pittsburgh is going to stack the box and let Troy Polamalu and company do their thing. I’m simply suggesting that Tim Tebow is a great street quarterback and he would be better off and more effective in the passing game just saying hike and having the receivers run random routs while he ran around like a chicken with no head in the back field in an attempt to make something happen.

Tebow is in fact a dangerous QB when he challenges the line of scrimmage as he then becomes a duel threat. At that point, the defenders don’t know whether to treat him as a quarterback or a running back as he can either hold on to the ball and run with it or throw the ball when the defender leaves the receiver to come up and tackle him. Tebow can do quite a bit of damage when a play breaks down; however he is forced to remain in an controlled environment of 3, 5, or 7 step drops, not so much…

The Denver Broncos have a good defense. It’s not as dominating as Pittsburgh’s, but it’s certainly playoff worthy. In fact, the reality is that the defense is as much responsible for the team making it to the playoffs as Tim Tebow is, if not more. The defense kept the Broncos in those close low scoring games allowing Tebow Time to happen. So with a decent defense and Tim Tebow at the helm, can the Broncos pull off the upset at home? Sure they can, and here’s how.

All Denver has to do is have a pick-six, a blocked punt, a fumble recovery deep in Steelers territory, a long pass interference penalty on a play where Tebow chuck the ball 50-yards in the direction of the Steelers end zone and five field goals from Matt Prater and they can pull the upset. The other way they can win is if Tebow gets knocked out and Brady Quinn comes in and saves the day. Think about that for a second. I can see you smiling at the computer screen now. How much of an upside down world would it be if Brady Quinn stole the show? Brady Time!

In short, if you think the Broncos will let Tim Tebow just play street football, Denver will repeatedly be able to flip the field and or Brady Quinn is going to come in and with the game, bet the ranch on the Broncos money line at + 300.

The founder and former owner of MC3 Sports Media, Mike Cardano is the Sr. Business Administrator for RotoExperts and the Executive Director here at You may email Mike @ or follow him on Twitter @MikeCardano. Listen to Mike on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio with Scott Engel and the morning crew Tuesday mornings at 10am ET.


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