NFL Analysis: Can Peyton Manning Lead Denver Broncos to a Super Bowl?


So Peyton Manning is a Denver Bronco. Some fans are happy, some are sad, and some still want Tim Tebow, who was traded to the Jets. One thing is certain: odds makers greatly increased the Broncos chances of winning the Super Bowl from around 50-to-1 to 10-to-1.  Can the Broncos win the Super Bowl? Will the Broncos win the Super Bowl? Class Act Sports breaks it down.

Why the Broncos will win the Super Bowl:

Peyton Manning brings something to the Broncos that they haven’t had since John Elway: A great quarterback. Not just a good one, but a perennial pro bowler. Eleven times in his 13-year career (not counting last year when he obviously did not play) he has thrown for over 4,000 yards, having amassed over 54,000 career yards.  His touchdown-to-interception ratio is 2-to1- at 399 TD’s to 198 interceptions. Manning will be able to throw at will, making everyone better around him.

Denver, which has so long been known for its rushing game, will still be one of the better running teams in the league. But with a guy like Manning, now they should be efficient in the passing game as well. Manning has an uncanny ability to pick apart defenses. Not to mention the Broncos defense is pretty good, too.

Lastly, the Broncos made the playoffs and won the AFC West with an 8-8 record last year. You have to think Manning will be able to improve that record this year, and the division is so mediocre that they should definitely be in the playoffs next season.

The thin Denver air makes it look like Manning missed no time at all as he leads Denver to its first Super Bowl since 1999.

Why the Broncos will not win the Super Bowl:

There’s no denying Manning’s talent as a sure-fire Hall of Famer when he retires. But what ultimately could cost Denver is the fact that he can’t run. Yes, he does have 17 rushing touchdowns in his career, but in 13 seasons, only ran for 722 yards on 346 carries (or a 2.1 average). Compare that to Tebow, who, in 23 career games, has rushed for more yards (887) and almost as many touchdowns (12) as Manning has in his career. What this means is when the Broncos are forced with fourth-and-goal or fourth-and-short other teams know that he won’t be running the ball and can set up their defense accordingly. With Tebow, the opposing defenses were always kept guessing.

Another reason it will be difficult for the Broncos to win with #18 is because Peyton Manning won’t ever be pre-surgery Peyton Manning.  Who knows how good he will be and if he can throw for 4,000 yards again?

The last reason is the fact that the Broncos simply do not have any great receivers. Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas are good but not great. The two scored 12 touchdowns combined last year, and Decker led the team with 612 receiving yards. Denver is going to need a whole lot more production from the receiving core to have any chance at even making the playoffs.  Manning is no messiah, and Denver wins the AFC West, but is unable to get by old nemesis Tom Brady and the Patriots when the Broncos once again play in Foxborough in the playoffs.

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